Covid-19 Restart Grant

Covid-19 Restart Grant The Covid-19 Restart Grant recognises that businesses will incur costs in preparing their businesses to reopen and meeting the needs of employees and customers. The grant is designed to alleviate the pressure on businesses in this context.

It is an upfront contribution towards the cost of re-opening or keeping a business operational and re-connecting with employees and customers. The grant can be used to defray ongoing fixed costs, for replenishing stock and for measures needed to ensure employee and customer safety.

The grants will be equivalent to the rates bill of the business in 2019, with a minimum payment of €2,000 and a maximum payment of €10,000. To avail of the Restart Grant, a business must be in the Local Authorities Commercial Rates Payment System and:

Privacy Notice
Waterford City and County Council is seeking the information below from you to process your application. The lawful basis for processing this information is Article 6(1)(e) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The personal information you provide will be used only for the purposes of submitting and processing your application for Re-Start grant funding. It will be necessary to share a high level description of the names and numbers of businesses applying for the grant, the amounts awarded and Covid impact and numbers employed data to the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation for reporting purposes. Waterford City and County Council undertakes to retain the personal data you supply for no longer than the duration of the R-Start Grant Scheme plus a further 7 years.

A detailed description of how Waterford City and County Council will address the following data protection issues can be found by accessing the following links:

Contact details for Waterford City and County Council’s Data Protection Officer are or write to us at: Data Protection Officer, Waterford City & County Council, City Hall, The Mall, Waterford, X91 PK17. Tel: 0761 102020


Applications for the Covid-19 Restart Grant open on Friday 22nd May 2020. The closing date for receipt of applications is 31st August 2020. Processing of applications and payment of the Restart Grant will depend on the initial surge of applications but, as far as is feasible, will be prioritised according to scheduled re-opening dates in Government's "Roadmap for Recovery" document.

Please note the following businesses are not eligible for the Restart Grant;

For any queries, please email or call Customer Services at 0761 10 20 20.