Homeless Services

A person is regarded as homeless if they:

Have no accommodation available which they can reasonably occupy. This includes people who would normally reside with the homeless person


Are living in a hospital, county home, night shelter or other such institution because they do not have accommodation available and are unable to provide accommodation from their own resources

A person wishing to avail of Homeless Services must present themselves to the Customer Service Desk at Bailey’s New Street, Waterford, between 2pm-4pm and meet with the Homeless Services Officer. The Homeless Services Officer will make an assessment and refer a person, if necessary, to an Emergency Accommodation Provider.

Out of Hours
Out of hours arrangements are in operation during evenings and weekends and when the Customer Service Desk is closed.

  • For more information, see our Out Of Hours Leaflet

  • How can we help?
    Following the assessment, and if appropriate, emergency accommodation will be provided.

    Consideration will also be given to making a referral to other services to assist the client, examples of which are:

  • The Advice & Information Centre
  • The Tenancy Support & Sustainment Service
  • The Department for Social Protection (DSP) for financial assistance

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