Booking an Initial Housing Meeting

Waterford City & County Council is improving the process of applying for social housing for new applicants. The trial service, available in Waterford City and in Dungarvan, will run for 3 months from Monday 15th April 2019. Once you have a completed application and all relevant documents you can book an interview with a member of the Housing Applications team by clicking the button at the end of the page below.

This calendar will be available from April 9th, 2019 to book an appointment on or after April 15th, 2019.

Do I qualify on income grounds ?

  • Using the income bands set out below make sure that your household’s net income does not exceed the income limit for your household size. If it is higher you will not qualify for housing supports.

Income Bands
Household Type Income (€)
Single Person Household 30,000
2 Adults, no children 31,500
One Adult, one Child 30,750
One Adult, two Children 31,500
Two Adults, one child 32,250
Two Adults, two Children 33,000
Two Adults, three Children 33,750
Two Adults, & four or more Children 34,500
Three Adults, & four or more Children 36,000

How do I make an application ?

  • Download the forms below. You can also collect these documents at the Customer Services Counter in Bailey’s New Street, Waterford or at the Civic Offices, Dungarvan.
  • Use the checklist on Page 3 of the application form to make sure that you have all the relevant supporting documentation.
    Note: If you have overnight access to children you need to provide a copy of the Court Order confirming such access arrangements. If you do not have a Court Order, a sworn affidavit, completed by both parents, must be submitted. You must also provide a current bank statement showing the last 6 months’ transactions.
  • Complete all forms making sure that you sign the declaration on the back of the application form. When you have done this and have gathered all your information you can then book an interview.

What happens if during the interview there is something missing from my application ?

  • If there is anything missing, the form and all documentation will be given back to you. You will be told what is required to ensure your application is complete.
  • When you have gathered the missing information you must book another appointment.

What happens if my application is complete ?

  • If your application is complete, it will be assessed in full at the interview and you will be advised if it is likely to be approved or refused.
  • A letter confirming this will be sent to the address you provide on your application within 5 working days of your interview.

What does being approved for housing supports mean ?

  • If your application for housing is approved you will be placed on the Council’s housing waiting list
  • Being an approved housing applicant also means you can avail of assistance under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Scheme. There is a separate application form for the HAP which will be sent to you with your letter of approval. Details of how to apply for HAP are contained in the HAP application form. You will also be required to attend a separate interview for the HAP.

For further queries, contact the Housing Applications Team on 0761 10 2477.

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