About Us

Establishment of the Organisation
Waterford City and County Council (Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Lairge) is the authority responsible for local government in the City & County of Waterford, Ireland. The organisation came into operation on 1st June 2014 after that year's local elections, and is a merger of Waterford City Council and Waterford County Council, as brought about under the provisions of the Local Government Reform Act 2014.

Information on the roles, responsibilities and functions of the organisation can be found here.

Administration of the Organisation
The City and County administration is headed by a Chief Executive, Michael Walsh. The corporate headquarters are based in City Hall, The Mall, Waterford. The organisation has 850 staff as of April 2016.

Councillor Pat Nugent (Fine Gael) is the current Mayor of the City and County of Waterford. He was elected to the position at the annual meeting of Waterford City and County Council on 29th June 2017. To contact the mayor, please email mayor@waterfordcouncil.ie

Governance arrangements
Waterford City & County Council has a Council of 32 elected members. Day to day management of the organisation is carried out by over 850 staff under the leadship of a management team.

Corporate Plans and Strategies

  • Annual Reports
  • Annual Service Plan
  • Corporate Plan
  • Pay Grades
  • Customer Charters & Code of Conduct

  • Our Customer Care Charters and Codes of Conduct can be found here.
  • Code of Conduct for Councillors
  • Protected Disclosures

  • Details of our protected disclosures can be found here.