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Road Closures for St. Patrick’s Day in Waterford

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993 the following public roads shall close to facilitate the 2018 St. Patricks Day Parade in Waterford.

The following roads shall be closed from 11am until 5pm to facilitate the parade:

  • R680 – Merchants Quay
  • R680 – Meagher’s Quay
  • R680 – Coal Quay
  • R680 – Custom House Quay
  • R680 – Parade Quay
  • R680 – The Mall
  • R680 – Parnell Street
  • R708 – Catherine Street
  • L90025 – Colbeck Street
  • L5530 – Lady Lane (from its junction with Francis Place to Colbeck Street)
  • L90024 – Bank Lane
  • L90307 – Beau Street
  • L90023 – Mall Lane
  • R683 – Lombard Street (from its Junction with Rose Lane to The Mall)
  • L90022 – Adelphi Quay (from its junction with Rose Lane to Parade Quay)
  • L90021 – Bailey’s New Street
  • L90020 – Greyfriars
  • L90019 – Coffee House Lane
  • L90018 – Henrietta Street
  • L90017 – Keyser Street
  • L5534 – Exchange Street
  • L5535 – Conduit Lane
  • L91091 – Barronstrand Street
  • L5501 – Gladstone Street
  • L1502 – O’Connell Street
  • L15021 – Thomas Hill (from its junction with Meeting House Lane to O’Connell Street)
  • L5506 – Vulcan Street
  • L5505 – Thomas Street
  • L1503 – The Glen (Road No.1)
  • L15033 – The Glen (Road No.3)

Travelling East on R680 Cork Road:
All traffic for M9, N25 and N24 via Rice Bridge shall be diverted at Cork Road Roundabout and directed to Rice Bridge via R686.

Traffic for Tramore, Waterford Airport, University Hospital Waterford or Williamstown/Dunmore Road area shall use the Inner Ring Road are unaffected.

Travelling West on R680 Rice Bridge:
The left lane on Rice Bridge shall be closed and all traffic shall be diverted via R686 to R680 Cork Road at the Cork Road Roundabout. All Traffic shall then use normal routes.

Other Routes:
Travelling to Rice Bridge from Tramore, Waterford Airport, University Hospital Waterford or Williamstown/Dunmore Road area shall be diverted via R709 Inner Ring Road to
Cork Road Roundabout and the detour via R686.

Parking within the main Quay car parks will be available until approximately 1 hour before the Parade Commences at 1pm and will be re-opened 30 minutes after the all clear is called by Event Control. All on-street car parking on the closed roads will be removed 24hours before the parade begins.  All other city car parks will be unaffected.

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