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Active Travel Scheme – Footpath Construction – Bayview to Youghal Road, Dungarvan

Waterford City & County Council in partnership with the NTA is currently delivering an Active Travel programme across the county. The programme’s goal is to promote walking and cycling and to develop the infrastructure to allow people change from a reliance on their cars for local journeys and to walking and cycling as a sustainable form of transport.

As part of this programme the development of local pedestrian routes is vital, and we have sought to identify and sought submissions from the public on potential routes that we can develop to help this change happen.

One such route that we now have funding to develop to a high quality is the existing link between Bayview and the Youghal Rd in Dungarvan.

The proposal involves the construction of a new 2.5m footpath with new planting and low-level lighting between Bayview and Youghal Rd. The aim is to improve the existing link and offer a more attractive route for active travel use in the area. We have attached further details of the scheme.

Projects like this aim to improve existing links, and develop new paths between communities, local services, and amenities.

The active travel programme is managed by your local authority and funded by the National Transport Authority and is part of the national transport strategy to reduce our country’s transport associated carbon emissions; in that since these connectivity schemes represent one element of the local face of climate action in your area. They represent a small part of many changes we need to make to the way we travel.

We are aiming to carry out the proposed works this summer and we would like to hear your opinion on this scheme and any other ideas you might have for similar projects in your area and beyond.

Submissions or comments should be submitted before 10th June 2022.

You can contact the team directly by email to

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