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Anti Dog Fouling campaign launched

Photo Sean Byrne

Have you stepped in it lately?

Waterford City & County Council together with Carlow, Kilkenny & Wexford Councils are launching a new Anti-Dog Fouling campaign asking dog owners to clean up after their dog. The campaign promotes a simple theme… “Bag it & Bin it”.

Launched on 22nd March, this campaign is set to run for the remainder of 2021 and is set to firmly emphasize that dog fouling is your responsibility as a dog owner. The campaign will address a range of issues surrounding dog fouling, from its effect on the public who use our streets, parks and beaches, to attitudes to cleaning up as dog owners, from health issues to civic pride. The campaign will reach across social media, local newspapers, radio, community groups and schools.

Speaking at the launch of the Anti-Dog Fouling campaign Mayor of the City and County of Waterford Councillor Damien Geoghegan explained that “Currently there are some dog owners who do not clean up after their dog and some who clean up but leave the bag on a wall, tree or ground when nobody is watching. We believe that a relatively small proportion of dog owners behave badly in this way but it has a big impact on others who use our public spaces; children, walkers, wheelchair users, runners, ball players, etc. Whether you walk your dog on a street, in a park or on a beach, the message is simple… Bag it & Bin it. “

Cllr Geoghegan went on to say that “We regularly receive complaints about dog fouling from around the county, ranging from owners not picking up after their dog, to those who bag it but leave it on a nearby wall or corner when nobody is watching or to those who simply look the other way as their dog fouls on a green area. The message to anyone who walks a dog couldn’t be simpler… Bag it & Bin it.” If you don’t pass a bin on your walk home, then simply put the bag in your black bin when you reach your house. It may not be the most glamorous part of owning a dog, but it is part and parcel of it all the same. In this campaign we are asking all dog owners to Bag it & Bin it.”

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