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Anti-Dumping Campaign launched at Saleens Beach

An anti-dumping campaign was launched this week at Saleens Beach by Deputy Plenary
Mayor Cllr. John O’Leary. The campaign encourages householders to ask for a waste
collection permit before giving their waste to anyone for disposal. A short animated video
was produced by Waterford City & County Council for use on social media and YouTube.
There was also an accompanying radio campaign.

These highlighted the need to check for a waste collection permit which can be done by
visiting the National Waste Collection Permit Office’s website or by
contacting the Environment Section of Waterford City and County Council. Funded
through the national anti-dumping initiative, it is hoped to see a decrease in illegal
dumping of waste through this project.

“Anyone engaged in the collection of waste is required to have a waste collection permit”,
commented Niall Kane, Senior Executive Engineer with Waterford City & County Council.
“Unauthorised waste collectors often engage in illegal dumping and you are still
responsible. Before you give waste to anyone, ask to see their waste collection permit.
Any vehicles from authorised waste collectors must have their name and waste collection
permit number on it. Any of their advertisements must also give their name and waste
collection permit number. We each have an obligation only to give our waste to an
authorised collector.”

“Waterford City and County Council recently prosecuted an illegal waste collector for the
illegal collection and disposal of waste” Mr Kane went on to say. “They were ordered to
pay approximately €5500 in court fines and legal costs. Through the ongoing work of our
Environmental Inspectors and the use of CCTV and hidden cameras, we have issued 146
litter fines so far this year. We would encourage anyone in doubt of their waste collector
to check their permit on or phone us at 0761 102020 to ask if they have a
permit to collect your waste.”

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