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Are you ready for StreetFeast 2024 ?

Street Feast 2024

An estimated 140,000 residents set to take part in Street Feast this year. Ireland’s national weekend of street parties and community celebrations takes place 25th and 26th May 2024

Annually there are more Street Feast participants than Electric Picnic attendees! From city slickers to countryside dwellers, everyone’s invited to the feast. Whether you’ve got a front yard, a street corner, or just a spot to gather, Street Feast knows no bounds.

President Michael D. Higgins said: “We must all by now realise the importance of community, inclusion, creativity and togetherness – all values that require support and a conscious effort of care, protection and solidarity. Initiatives such as Street Feast provide exactly that type of opportunity.”

Street Feast will be held over two days instead of one for the first time meaning a full weekend of celebrations. Over 1,250 communities across Ireland will share food and enjoy some conversation and camaraderie this summer – any excuse to connect with people in your neighbourhood. So let’s get planning.

Organisers say that no matter what kind of place you live in, everyone is invited to participate and host gatherings. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or house, all you need is a space to bring people together. Street Feast has had parties organised in front gardens, on streets and greens, in car parks, laneways, local parks and community centres.

Minister Joe O’Brien: “I am delighted to support Street Feast 2024. The core work of my Department is strengthening communities and enhancing social inclusion. It is important to find ways to connect with people and focus on the importance of neighbours in our communities. Street Feast provides a fantastic opportunity to make time for each other outside of family and friends. I would encourage local communities around the country to get involved in Street Feast 2024 and aim to build communities, tackle isolation and foster connections.”

Founder of Street Feast and Neighbourhood Network CEO, Sam Bishop, said: “For 14 years, Street Feast has been all about bringing folks together over food, fun, and fellowship. And the stats speak for themselves: 97% feel the neighbourly love post-feast, and a whopping 98% say their sense of belonging gets a boost. That’s the magic of community.”

Sam adds: “97% feel their neighbourhood is friendlier since hosting Street Feast and 98% say their sense of belonging has increased since Street Feast. That’s what it’s all about. Running it over two days instead of one will give people more opportunity to celebrate together.”

Register at today and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bring your community together and celebrate. Once registered you’ll receive a FREE Street Feast party pack, complete with bunting, posters, invites and a brilliant DIY guide.

Street Feast wouldn’t be possible without the support of Government departments and Street Feast sponsors.


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