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“Bag it & Bin it” campaign urges dog owners to protect young children

Waterford Childcare Committee and Waterford City & County Council are reminding dog owners to clean up after their dog. The campaign simply prompts dog walkers to “Bag it & Bin it”.

Waterford Childcare Committee and Waterford City and County Council are working together to highlight the effect of dog fouling on anyone who uses our streets, parks and beaches, but particularly its impact on children.


Rose Murphy of Waterford Childcare Committee explained that “It is extremely important that all dog owners clean up after their dog as there are serious health risks for children who come in contact with dog fouling. Children play ball, cycle, run and play other games on green areas, beaches, walk and cycleways and parks.  It is important therefore that all dog owners are responsible and remove any dog fouling to ensure that all children can play safely and enjoy the amenities available Remember,  Bag it and Bin it! cleaning up after your dog ensures that children and adults can be safe and enjoy all of the wonderful amenities available to children, families and the community in Waterford ”

Ella Ryan, Environment Awareness Officer, Waterford City and County Council explained “It is safe to clean up after your dog. If you don’t bag it and bin it, after 10 days a parasite can develop that can result in significant health implications over time, including serious illness such as salmonella, E. Coli, gastroenteritis and toxocariasis. Young children are often affected, but it impacts people of all ages.” She went on to confirm that “while it is evident that just a small percentage of dog owners do this, it has a big impact on others who use our public spaces; children, walkers, wheelchair users, runners, ball players, etc. Whether you walk your dog on a street, in a park or on a beach, the message is simple… Bag it & Bin it. “

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