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Be vigilant for Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

A solitary Lion’s mane jellyfish was spotted by a member of the public late last evening in the water at Clonea beach.   The red flag was then flown as a precautionary measure for 2/3 hours whilst the Lifeguards monitored the situation.  There were no further sightings.

There have been sightings of Lion’s Mane jellyfish along the South East coast but with the exception of one sighting in Dunmore East on Monday and the one in Clonea yesterday evening, no more have been spotted on Waterford beaches.

The lifeguards on duty will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.

At this time, all beaches are open for swimming.

Should a number of this species be visible in the water or on any beach, the red flag may be flown as a precautionary measure.  Should you have any queries if attending the beach, please consult with the lifeguards on duty.

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