Paying My Staff Wages

Covid-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

The Government is asking employers who have closed their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to pay workers if possible. On 24 March, the Government announced a new Income Support Scheme to assist employers with paying workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers will receive up to 70% of their employee's weekly take home pay up to a maximum of €410 per week.

This scheme replaces the COVID-19 Employer Refund Scheme. If you have already applied for the COVID-19 Employer Refund Scheme, you do not have to lodge a new application for The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme. The Government is encouraging employers to top-up their employees' wages to maintain them at their current level of earnings.

This scheme is administered through the Revenue Commissioners and payments started on 26 and 27 of March. If you are self-employed and have lost all your employment, you should apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment of €350 a week. For Guidance on employer eligibility for Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme, visit

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