Covid Resilience & National Recovery

Plan for Resilience & Recovery 2020-2021

The Government published Resilience & Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with Covid-19 which will guide Ireland’s response to saving lives and managing the pandemic over the next seven months. It sets out how Ireland and the Irish people can continue managing the disease in a rapidly changing global environment.

The plan sets out five levels of response, each with a number of measures designed to help us all lower Covid-19 transmission, and setting out what is permitted at that moment in time. It aims to allow society and businesses to be able to operate as normally as possible, while continuing to suppress the virus.

Each level outlines what is permitted for social or family gatherings, work and public transport, bars, hotels and restaurants, exercise activities and religious services.

Government supports for COVID-19 impacted businesses

For details of all government supports for Covid 19 impacted businesses, go to or call the Business Support Call Centre, 01 6312002 or