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Cappoquin receives €1.2 million in Rural Development funding

Cappoquin was one of the 24 communities around the country which were successful in the current round of Rural Regeneration and Development funding announced by Minister Michael Ring today.

Receiving the second largest grant of €1.2 million for a total project expenditure of €1.6 million, the grant will facilitate the commencement of the town’s regeneration programme. Today’s announcement relates to Category 2 of the fund which provides seed capital funding for the planning, design and preparation of large scale projects in anticipation of further future funding for the actual construction and physical delivery of the projects.

Announcing the successful projects today, Minister Ring said:

“The Category 2 funding I am announcing today is for projects that require further development to make them ready for construction.  There can be significant work and expense involved in getting projects to the point where they are ready to be delivered. This support is critical to ensure that a pipeline of ambitious regeneration projects are ready to hit the ground running in the future. ”

The primary objectives of the Cappoquin project are:

  • Improving the residential attractiveness and capacity of the Town Centre.
  • Developing new and improved enterprise spaces, facilities and partnerships in and around the Town Centre.
  • Investing in improvements in the public domain so as to make Cappoquin Town Centre an attractive place in which to live or to visit.
  • Developing the amenity and tourism potential of the River Blackwater.

Newly elected Mayor of Waterford, Cllr Damien Geoghegan, said that he is thrilled to be informed of Cappoquin’s successful application. “It is well recognised that a number of factors, including the closure of traditional businesses along with reduced residential demand in the town centre, have hit Cappoquin badly over the last few decades. This funding can now create an impetus for the local authority working in partnership with the local community in Cappoquin and with other local development agencies to turn the tide and to develop and deliver significant regeneration projects in Cappoquin town and surroundings”, he said.


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