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Cllr. Jason Murphy Reclaims the Waters for Waterford City Mayor

In 1626, the city of Waterford was granted a new charter by King Charles I. Known as the Great of Governing Charter, it confirmed all previous charters and privileges granted to the City. Under its terms, the Mayor of Waterford was also conferred with the office of ‘Admiral of the Harbour’. This empowered the Mayor of Waterford City to hold admiralty courts within the harbour.

As a port City with a long maritime history, the harbour of Waterford has been a great asset to our City, and an important trading route for centuries.

On 13th June 2022, Waterford City Councillor, Jason Murphy set sail from the Frank Cassin Wharf to the mouth of the Waterford Estuary, off Dunmore East, to commemorate this event.

Cllr. Murphy was there to ‘Reclaim the Waters’ on behalf of Cllr. Séamus Ryan, Mayor of the Waterford Metropolitan area.

Cllr. Murphy took part in the Reclaim the Waters ceremony by stating “At this place where the Three Sisters rivers meet, to drive out King Neptune, I will throw this silver dart into the place where the rivers meet, and I declare:

“According to the Governing Charter of Waterford City, as granted by King Charles I, on behalf of the Mayor of Waterford and Admiral of the Harbour, I claim these waters”.


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