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Notice re: Electric Vehicles & Free Parking

For the past few years, the Council has permitted free of charge parking for electric vehicles in the public pay and display parking areas in Waterford.

However following a review of our parking charges and given the significant increase in the numbers of EVs on the roads, the Council cannot continue to sustain this incentive.

Accordingly public free parking for EVs within the Council’s pay and display car parks and streets will cease from 1st February, 2023.

The Council will continue to operate free parking for EV and PHEV vehicles while charging at designated public EV charging points throughout Waterford City and County.

The Council will also be facilitating a significant investment which will see 12 new fast EV charging points being delivered across the city and county during 2023.

If you have any further queries in relation to this matter please contact our Customer Services Department on the number below.

Traffic Management Department

0818 10 20 20

Reminder : Community Support Fund 2022

Community Support Fund 2022

The aim of the Community Support Fund is to support community & voluntary groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas with their non-pay running costs, e.g. utility bills or other non-pay operating costs for example rental/lease costs, insurance bills.

Groups will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities, purchase equipment, e.g. tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment etc.

Applicants must complete the application form which can be downloaded below. Once completed please submit your application in hard copy with supporting documentation to: Colette O’BrienCommunity Support FundWaterford City & County Council, Baileys New Street, Waterford. The closing date for applications is 4pm Friday 20th January 2023

Flags at half mast to mark funeral of Pope Benedict XVI

Waterford City & County Council will lower flags on Council buildings in Waterford and Dungarvan to half mast today Thursday, January 5th, to mark the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, served as the Pope from 2005 to 2013. He was the oldest Pope to be elected in nearly 300 years and the first Pope to resign in over 600 years. During his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI worked to promote traditional Catholic teachings and values, and played a significant role in the Church’s response to the sexual abuse scandals that had plagued the Church in the preceding years. His passing marks the end of an era in the Catholic Church.

The Council extends its condolences to all those affected by the Pope’s passing.

Service Interruption – Phone Lines

UPDATE : 14:30
All phone lines are now working again.


There is an interruption to our phone lines this morning – the 0818 102020 number is currently experiencing issues.

Please call 058-22000 or email in the meantime.

Waterford City & County County apologise for an inconvenience caused.

Cold Shelter – Waterford City

Prior to any severe weather alert or bout of freezing temperatures, the Outreach Team from Waterford Integrated Homeless Services will be in contact with any known rough sleepers to advise them of the impending weather alert/freezing temperatures and remind them of the shelter arrangements.

Waterford City and County Councils Homeless Services outreach team is in constant contact with all rough sleepers to advise them of the out of hours and severe weather protocols, and to provide support to those who are willing to accept support.

We continue to advise and offer support to rough sleepers from other counties to present to their respective Local Authorities to avail of homeless services there.
Details of Out of Hours Service and Severe Weather Protocol can be found on

Waterford Homeless Action Team Severe Weather Protocol is operational in the event of a severe weather alert and is specifically for clients who are rough sleeping. The protocol will also operate during bouts of freezing temperatures.

Homeless men/ women should go directly to McGwire House, Bath Street, Waterford where crash bed facilities will be provided if necessary (051 879930)
Homeless women and children should go directly to Oasis House, 71 Morrisson’s Road, Waterford  where crash bed facilities will be provided if necessary (051 370367)

If you see person(s) sleeping rough in Waterford please inform the Homeless Services Team at Waterford Integrated Homeless Services on 0818 10 20 20 or


Community Support Fund 2022

Community Support Fund 2022

The aim of the Community Support Fund is to support community & voluntary groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas with their non-pay running costs, e.g. utility bills or other non-pay operating costs for example rental/lease costs, insurance bills.

Groups will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities, purchase equipment, e.g. tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment etc.

Applicants must complete the application form which can be downloaded below. Once completed please submit your application in hard copy with supporting documentation to: Colette O’BrienCommunity Support FundWaterford City & County Council, Baileys New Street, Waterford. The closing date for applications is 4pm Friday 20th January 2023

Construction begins on new €7m Ferrybank Pump Station at former Dunlop site

Waterford City and County Council and Irish Water have commenced construction on a new pump station in Ferrybank to improve the overall wastewater infrastructure.  The project represents a further step in the continued delivery of improvements to the wastewater network in Ferrybank.

Funded by Irish Water, the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government’s Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF), NTA and Waterford City and County Council, the project will see the upgraded station replace the existing pump station and be located to the former Dunlop site, which now forms an integral part of the North Quays Strategic Development Zone (SDZ).

The new pump station will have expanded storage to significantly reduce the frequency of sewage overflows into the River Suir during wet weather events, improve wastewater capacity in the Ferrybank catchment area, and meet all environmental standards for discharge of sewage overflows.

The existing Ferrybank pump station occupies a small but central part of the Waterford North Quays Strategic Development Zone (SDZ).  This is an eight-hectare site pivotally located in the centre of the region’s City and designated as a SDZ in 2016.  The site had remained derelict for decades and hindered the integration, attractiveness, and sustainable development of the City Centre and consequently the surrounding area.  However, the decommissioning of this station and the construction of an improved facility will allow for the development of a derelict City Centre Strategic site.

Commenting on the upgrade, Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. John O’Leary said, “This investment in a new pumping station in Ferrybank will have far-reaching benefits to the catchment area.  Sewage overflows will be exponentially decreased which will undoubtedly be welcomed by the local community.

“The implementation of much improved wastewater infrastructure will improve flood protection, reduce the sites carbon footprint and facilitate future development as the catchment area grows.”

Lisa Cogan from Irish Water said, “We are delighted to be making progress on this essential wastewater improvement project in Ferrybank and as a result of the collaborative works between Irish Water and Waterford City and County Council, the local community will see the benefits for years to come in terms of health, integrity of the environment and improved water quality for all.

“The construction of the pumping station and new wastewater pipes will ensure wastewater infrastructure capacity can meet future demand and support social and economic development in the Ferrybank area.”

Upon completion the project will reduce the risk of sewer overflow with the catchment, improve the separation of foul and surface water networks, enhance the water quality of the River Suir though improved foul water storage and reduced overflows and ensure compliance with the EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directives.

David Walsh Civil Engineering is the main contractor on the project, with Consultant Engineers from Nicholas O’Dwyer Consulting Engineers, and Roughan & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers.  Works are expected to be completed by December 2023.

Earlier this month, the Government gave approval for €170.6m of investment in the Waterford North Quays Infrastructure Project.

The transformative project will create a sustainable modern mixed-use development that will harness and extend Waterford’s city centre, whilst reinstating the primacy of the river by creating a compact and vibrant core centred on the River Suir.  The funding announced will deliver the public infrastructure that will serve both the SDZ site and the public, including enhanced multi-modal access routes, an integrated transport hub and the sustainable transport bridge.

The infrastructure will enable the commercial development on the SDZ Site, which will include offices, residential, retail, accommodation, and tourism investment in conference/exhibition facilities, as well as a 4-star hotel and visitor’s centre.

While elements of the project will have important transport and socio-economic benefits, the main objective is to leverage further investment in Waterford City and the region, by attracting indigenous and multinational companies and the retail and tourism sectors.  The development of the North Quays as a modern multi-purpose development on the North site of the city will increase employment, provide much needed high quality residential units, enhance the retail offer and build on Waterford’s reputation as the Best Place to Live in Ireland.


Photographs: Patrick Browne

New appeal for Waterford properties to house Ukrainian people

Waterford City and County Council is appealing to those who have unoccupied properties to offer them as temporary homes for those fleeing war in Ukraine.

The call is part of a new government initiative, led by local authorities, to make use of unoccupied houses, apartments or holiday homes to house Ukrainian people and families.

A tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available for properties used to house those arriving from Ukraine. This payment rate applies from December 1st 2022.

More than 60,000 people have arrived to Ireland from Ukraine seeking safety and the vast majority need accommodation.

Under a new programme, Waterford City and County Council will take offers of houses, apartments or holiday homes for temporary accommodation, liaise with owners to assess suitability, and arrange for their use by Ukrainian people and families.

Those who offer a property can expect to be contacted by the council within 5 working days of making their offer and an assessment of the property will be carried out by Waterford Council staff shortly after.  The assessment is to ensure the property is habitable and to get some details so it can be matched to the most appropriate person or family. 

Anybody who offers a property will be able to check the status of their offer at any stage through the website  

This is a call for stand-alone properties that are not occupied by others. Properties should be in liveable condition and, ideally, available for at least 6 months.  While rent will not be payable to those who offer properties, a tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available from the Department of Social Protection to those who offer accommodation to Ukrainians.

Appealing to the people of Waterford to offer unused properties, Sinéad Breathnach, WCCC Ukrainian Refugee Lead said, “The Irish and particularly Waterford people have shown incredible support for the people of Ukraine. We know that people are very anxious to help where they can so we’re appealing to anybody who has a house, apartment, or holiday home here in Waterford that they’re not using at the moment to consider offering it to those who need shelter and safety from war.

“We understand that it can be daunting to offer a property to someone you don’t know. That is why dedicated Waterford Council staff will work with you throughout the process and be there to offer support while your property is being used.

“If you have a property that is otherwise going to be empty this winter, please consider offering it for those who badly need a safe home for a while,” Ms. Breathnach concluded.

To offer a property or for more information, visit or make contact with Waterford Council at email or by telephone on 058 22059.


For further information:

Sinéad Breathnach
Ukrainian Community Response and Accommodation Lead
Community & Sports Department
Waterford City & County Council


  • Under this programme, local authorities are seeking offers of stand-alone properties that are not occupied by others and have their own entrance door and all the main facilities required for independent living.
  • This is not a call for properties that would be shared with the owner or others. Pledges of shared accommodation may be made via the Irish Red Cross.
  • The public can offer a property by setting up an account at or by contacting the local authority in which the property is located. Contact details for Waterford Council are or 058 22059.
  • Properties need to be habitable and must meet certain health and safety standards, agreed by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.
  • The local authority will arrange to assess properties to make sure these standards are met.
  • Ideally, properties would be available for 6 months or longer.
  • Offers will not result in rental arrangements, and rent will not be paid. However, it is recommended that the owner and beneficiaries enter into a licence agreement. A template licence agreement can be provided by the local authority.
  • The Government has introduced a Recognition Payment Scheme for those who provide accommodation to Ukrainians. Under this scheme, a monthly flat rate of €800 per property is payable to all those hosting Ukrainian temporary protection beneficiaries. The payment linked to a minimum hosting commitment of 6 months.

Bridge Lift at Rice Bridge

Bridge Lift at Rice Bridge, Monday 21st November at 10.00am

So, what is Transgender? Information Session for Parents/Families

‘So, what is Transgender?’ by Dr. Vanessa Lacey free online information session for parents / families on Wednesday 16th November at 6.30pm.

Over the last decade there has been a significant rise in people identifying as Transgender. Dr Vanessa Lacey ( will provide a brief but informative virtual session to provide background information, current thinking and future hopes in relation to trans people and their families.

This information session will be delivered through Zoom webinar. Register for Free here.

The webinar format means that your screen is not on so you can relax from wherever you join from! Questions are submitted via the chat box or on discussion at the end. The Webinar will also be live streamed from Waterford Central Library, Lady Lane. All are welcome to attend.

This webinar is part of the Waterford Healthy Ireland at your Library initiative. For more information, please go to our website, here.

For more information, please phone 058 21141 or email

#HealthyIrelandatYourLibrary #HealthyWaterford #KeepWell #BeWell

Meabhrúchán : Scéim Urraíochta Timpealláin Dhún Garbhán 2023

Tá scéim á cur i bhfeidhm ag Comhairle Cathrach & Contae Phort Láirge chun urraíocht a dhéanamh ar thimpealláin timpeall ár gcathair agus ár gcontae. Tá an Chomhairle ag iarraidh teagmháil a dhéanamh le gnólachtaí agus le heagraíochtaí ar mian leo feabhas a chur ar thimpeallacht thógtha na cathrach agus an chontae agus tairbhe a bhaint as deiseanna fógraíochta a bheidh á dtairiscint ar thimpealláin roghnaithe.

Is féidir le gach iarratasóir tairiscint a dhéanamh le haghaidh timpealláin amháin nó níos mó. Glacfar le hiarratais chomhpháirteacha freisin i gcás inar mian le dhá ghnólacht nó níos mó nó le dhá eagraíocht nó níos mó urraíocht a dhéanamh ar thimpeallán i gcomhpháirt. Sa chás go bhfaightear roinnt tairiscintí le haghaidh timpeallán ar leith, bronnfar an urraíocht ar an tairiscint is airde.


  • Baineann an tairiscint áirithe seo le timpealláin ar bhóithre poiblí i gceantar Dhún Garbhán.
  • Tá na timpealláin suite ar Sheachbhóthar Dhún Garbhán an N25 agus timpeallán amháin ar Bhóthar Chósta an R675 ag Baile an Rodaigh.
  • Mairfidh an urraíocht ar feadh tréimhse cúig bliana, a thosóidh i mí Eanáir 2023.
  • Is é an dáta is déanaí chun cumarsáid a fháil maidir leis an tairiscint seo ná: 4:00n. ar an Aoine, 11 Samhain 2022.
  • Is é an dáta deiridh chun tairiscintí comhlánaithe a fháil ná: 4:00n. ar an Aoine, 18 Samhain 2022.

Doiciméid Tairisceana
Tá an doiciméad iomlán tairisceana, léarscáil, faisnéis faoi tháillí, sonraíochtaí, foirm tairisceana srl. ar fáil anseo sa DOICIMÉAD TAIRISCEANA. (Béarla)

Ní mór teachtaireachtaí maidir leis an Tairiscint nó iarratais ar shoiléiriú a sheoladh chuig: Anthony Russell, Oifigeach Riaracháin, An Rannóg Comhshaoil, Comhairle Cathrach & Contae Phort Láirge, Oifigí Cathartha, Dún Garbhán, Co. Phort Láirge.


Is é an dáta is déanaí chun cumarsáid a fháil maidir leis an tairiscint seo ná: 4:00i.n. ar an Aoine, 11 Samhain 2022. 

Cuirfear gach ceist agus gach freagra a thagann as sin ar shuíomh gréasáin na Comhairle.

Improvements to voter registration process launched as new Check the Register campaign begins

  • Registering to vote now possible online, year-round
  • 16 and 17 year olds can now pre-register online
  • Public encouraged to confirm and update their details online

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien T.D. and Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, T.D. together encouraged the public to confirm and update their details on the electoral register or to register for the first time using a newly upgraded Their comments come as a campaign launched today (7 November) to raise public awareness of changes to the electoral registration process.

Several improvements have been made to the process of registering to vote and updating registration details, arising from provisions in Part 3 of the Electoral Reform Act 2022, which were commenced on 13 October.

In addition to making the process more accessible, the changes to how the register is managed and maintained will ensure a robust electoral register into the future.  All electors are now being asked to visit to confirm or update their entry by adding their PPSN, Date of Birth and Eircode.  This will help local authorities to ensure that entries are accurate and up to date as well as enabling the identification of entries on the register that require follow up.

The core changes to the electoral registration process include:

  • A move from fixed periods for updating details to rolling updates: previously people could only update their details in November or via the supplement which required a visit to a Garda station. Under the changes announced today, continuous or rolling registration will allow updates or additions at any time of year;
  • Streamlining of the application process through use of PPSNs: The use of PPSNs will enable a simple identity data cross-check to protect and improve the integrity of the register, while streamlining the process for electors. This will mean that most people won’t have to visit a Garda station to have their forms witnessed;
  • Registering to vote for the first time will now be possible online: PPSNs also enable online applications – for the first time people can register to vote or update their details online at any time;
  • 16 and 17 year olds will be able to pre-register to vote: The introduction of a pending electors list to enable those 16 and 17 to pre-register and be automatically added to the register from when they turn 18.
  • New provisions to make the register more accessible to all: The new process includes measures to facilitate electors whose safety might be at risk if their details were to be published on the register and those who have no address.

Minister Noonan said:

“I am particularly pleased that we have introduced pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds.  Taken together, these changes give us a more accessible, flexible and modern system that’s simple and straightforward to use. It has never been easier for people to register to vote or update their details, so that’s what we’re encouraging everyone to do today.”

The Electoral Reform Act 2022 delivers the legislative underpinning for a range of significant electoral reforms set out in the Programme for Government – Our Shared Future.   The Act provides for, among other things, the establishment of an independent Electoral Commission – An Coimisiún Toghcháin, the modernisation of the electoral registration process, and the regulation of online political advertising.

Commenced on 13 October in S.I. No. 512 of 2022 were the provisions necessary for:

  • the recruitment of the Chief Executive and ordinary membership of An Coimisiún Toghcháin;
  • the introduction of the new process in relation to electoral registration;
  • providing for island voting to take place on the same day as the rest of the country; and
  • the introduction of new processes to facilitate polling in pandemic situations.

Furthermore, existing flexible voting arrangements are being extended to those with mental health difficulties that prevent them from attending on polling day and those who live in nursing homes or similar places that may be inaccessible on polling day.

Welcoming the first phase of commencements of the Act, Minister O’Brien said:

“This first phase of commencement of the Electoral Reform Act and the launch of this awareness campaign represents another step in delivering on significant electoral reforms, and will help to ensure that our democracy is supported by robust electoral structures including a more accurate electoral register”.

Once An Coimisiún Toghcháin is established it will also have a new oversight role with respect to the register of electors. “An annual reporting cycle, with An Coimisiún empowered to make recommendations and set standards, will deliver a balance between local authority experience and local knowledge and national level oversight” said Minister Noonan.

A further phase of the project will see the development and roll out of a national system for use by all local authorities.  This will further enhance the integrity of the register and ensure that a single high standard of security and data protection is applied to the electoral register and its underlying data.

Minister O’Brien emphasised that: “This is one further step in the work to safeguard our electoral processes. Every vote is important, and I encourage everyone to confirm or update their details on to make sure that they can have their say”.


Dungarvan Skate Park : Choose a new Mural : Win a €100 Voucher

Waterford Walls and Dungarvan Skate Park are running a competition to choose the type of mural park users would like to see painted in the park !

Scan the QR code, fill out the form and you could win a €100 Elvery’s Sports voucher in time for Christmas !

The option with the most votes will be chosen and the artist will engage with skateboarders about the design.  Get involved and share with your friends.

Closing date :  18th November 2022