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Waterford City & County Council and Minister Humphreys launch Broadband Connection Points (BCPs)

Our Rural Future: Waterford City & County Council and Minister Humphreys launch Broadband Connection Points (BCP’s)

  • Knockanore Community Centre
  • Ballysaggart Community Centre
  • Modeligo Community Hall
  • Mount Melleray Community Hall

Waterford City & County Council, and Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD today launched the county’s Broadband Connection Points (BCPs).

The rollout of the BCPs are a key part of the Connected Communities Initiative, which is led by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications in partnership with National Broadband Ireland and Vodafone.

‘Connected Communities’ delivers high-speed internet access at publicly accessible sites for remote work, study, community/digital skills training, filing of forms and applications and a host of other digitally enabled services and amenities.

The initiative provides communities with connectivity (amber area of the National Broadband Plan), in advance of homes and businesses receiving future-proofed fibre broadband directly to their door.

The rollout of 300 BCPs nationwide is a key part of Our Rural Future, the Government’s five year strategy for rural Ireland.

Today, Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys formally announced the four BCPs for Waterford.

Minister Humphreys said:

“I am delighted to officially launch the Waterford BCP network today.

“As part of the Connected Communities Initiative, this is an important step in having Waterford fully connected under the National Broadband Plan.

“The Government’s ambitious new plan for rural Ireland, Our Rural Future, places a huge emphasis on remote working and improving digital connectivity in our rural communities.

“The connectivity brought through the BCPs will be key to making these communities more attractive places to live, work and raise a family.

“As Minister, I am delighted to provide funding for a dedicated Broadband Officer in Waterford Local Authority. Not alone is my Department supporting the delivery of BCPs in terms of connections, we are also providing funding to support the fit out of these locations under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme and we will continue to support Waterford with its plans for future development”.

Councillor Geoghegan Cathaoirleach of Waterford City & County Council stated:

“these facilities offer free WIFI outside in the car park and inside the community centre which is set up taking into account social distancing for citizens who need to complete tasks online, all free of charge”.

Councillor James Tobin Cathaoirleach of Dungarvan/Lismore District Council stated:

“Access to high-speed broadband connectivity has never been of greater importance and has become a vital utility, particularly in our rural communities. We are delighted to see Knockanore, Ballysaggart, Modeligo and Mount Mellary Community Centres open as Broadband connection points (community WIFI). The local community and surrounding communities can call to the community centre and access this high-speed broadband. This is a significant milestone for the area”.

Kieran Kehoe, Director of Services, Waterford City & County Council:

“welcomed the launch of the County’s BCP’s, highlighting the important roll BCPs can play in providing access to high-speed broadband during the Covid-19 crisis, enabling rural communities to stay connected and in touch”.

Jack Doyle, the Council’s Head of IS and Digital Officer stated:

“Waterford City & County Council are delighted that Waterford have 4 BCP’s connected at Knockanore Community Centre, I wish to thank the local community volunteers at the 4 Community Centre’s for their vital input and help in getting the sites up and running. I would like to invite all citizens to come and experience this community WI-FI.”

Peter Hendrick, Chief Executive Officer at National Broadband Ireland, commented:

“NBI is proud to be empowering the Broadband Connection Points programme by installing community facilities with essential access to free high-speed internet access. As our teams continue to make tremendous progress with our Fibre-to-the-Home rollout to bring high-speed broadband to every home, farm, business and school in the Intervention Area, Broadband Connection Points pave the way for the wider rollout of the National Broadband Plan.”

Anne O’Leary, CEO Vodafone Ireland said:

“Vodafone is proud to partner with Government on Connected Communities, providing best in class Wi-Fi to rural communities across Ireland. Today, we are delighted to see the launch of Waterford Connected Communities, bringing high-speed connectivity across the county. Technology and connectivity has afforded us a sense of normality in truly abnormal times and has supported the dramatic and necessary shift to online in terms of how we live, work and interact. These Connected Communities will help Waterford embrace this digital society by giving opportunities for remote work, study, community and digital skills training and a host of other digitally enabled services. As they evolve and grow, Connected Communities will provide an opportunity to transform the economic and social fabric of rural towns and communities by addressing the digital divide, improving lives, creating jobs and stimulating rural economic growth”.

The broadband officer also thanked the Dept of Rural and Community Development, Dept. of Environment, Climate and Communications, National Broadband Ireland, and Vodafone Ireland for their work to develop a network of BCPs in Co. Waterford under the connected communities initiative.


For further information on this initiative please contact


Waterford Treasures re-opens with a brand new ‘Freedom of Waterford’ Tour

Photo by Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography (c) 2021 –

Waterford’s collection of museums has now re-opened to the public and there is a brand new tour available offering visitors the ‘Freedom of Waterford’.

Visitors can now enjoy a guided walking tour experience with one of the expert guides at Waterford Treasures taking in the insights into the 1,000 years of history of Waterford all within 1,000 paces. The tour highlights include an opportunity to learn of the City’s Vikings foundations, be inspired by medieval wonders and experience elegant Georgian architecture.

Following the walking tour, the Freedom of Waterford Tour ticket enables each visitor to take a deep dive into their favourite era of Ireland’s heritage with complete access to the Medieval Museum, Bishop’s Palace, and the brand new Irish Museum of Time (officially opening and accessible on June 14th) and the Irish Silver Museum (officially opening on June 24th and currently accessible).

At the Medieval Museum visitors can take a step back into 13th and 15th century Waterford and explore the atmospheric underground Choristers’ Hall and the 15th century Mayors Wine Vault. An exhibition highlight includes the medieval Cloth-of-Gold Vestments and the 1373 Great Charter Roll of Waterford – viewed by Queen Elizabeth II on her 2011 visit to Ireland.

The Bishop’s Palace Museum is an authentic 18th-century Georgian grand residence built in 1743 which is also home to the oldest surviving piece of Waterford Crystal in the world. A spectacular 4D ‘Masterpieces in Glass’, the story of glassmaking is included in the ticket.

The two new museums have only been completed over the last number of weeks and while are presently open from pre-views both of which are set to be officially opened to the public in early June. Speaking of the upcoming occasions Museum Director Eamonn McEneaney says, “We are delighted to be welcoming visitors back to our museums again and we are very excited to unveil the two new experiences, a fascinating Museum of Time which hosts the largest collection of timepieces in Ireland and a showcase of science and technological development and at the Irish Silver Museum we have the grandeur of Ireland’s past from exquisite coffee collections to rare and ancient coins.”

The Irish Silver Museum offers a journey through Irish history using beautiful, intimate and personal objects as a guide to the fascinating story of Ireland and its ostentatious past.

The Irish Museum of Time at Greyfriars gothic-style church is a fitting home for what is beyond doubt the finest collection of Irish timepieces in the world. It features the oldest Irish-made grandfather clocks, table clocks and watches in the world and celebrates the incredible skills of the virtuoso craftspeople who, since the seventeenth century, created timepieces of remarkable beauty and technological genius.


Search for Waterford’s Nesting Swifts – We need your help this summer

BirdWatch Ireland, in partnership with the Heritage Office of Waterford City and County Council, are coordinating a nesting Swift survey over the summer months to identify the remaining nest sites still used by Swifts in the county. The project aims to build-on and complement the work of the West Waterford Eco Group who have successfully catalogued Swift nest sites in the west of the county in recent seasons.

Swifts are a small migratory bird that flies to Ireland each summer from southern Africa. They nest where suitable cavities can be found in buildings in our cities, towns, and villages. From May to August each year you can encounter Swifts, you will usually hear Swifts before you see them, their distinctive ‘screaming’ call is uttered on the wing as they fly superbly at high speed over rooftops.

However, their future is seriously threatened in Ireland mainly due to the loss of suitable nesting sites. Studies show an almost 58% decline of Swifts in Ireland, and their survival is under threat. As a result, they have been added to the red list of Birds of Conservation Concern in Ireland.

The good news is that there is a lot that we can all do to halt the decline and the survey will help identify where these conservation measures are required most urgently.

The support and active engagement of the public throughout Waterford is critical to the success of the project. This summer, BirdWatch Ireland, in partnership with the Heritage Office of Waterford City and County Council, will conduct a County Swift Survey in Waterford and we are asking interested people, communities, Tidy Towns groups, residents, and families to get involved by recording and reporting the presence of Swifts in their areas.

BirdWatch Ireland has already successfully completed Swift Surveys in eleven counties including in the neighbouring county of Tipperary and this summer will be actively surveying in three more counties, namely, Kilkenny, Dublin City and Waterford. BirdWatch Ireland acknowledges the massive efforts of West Waterford Eco Group and others who have made huge efforts to record Swift nest sites and take practical action to protect these birds in towns such as Dungarvan, Ardmore and Cappoquin.

To find out more about Swifts and to help in the Waterford Swift Survey you are invited to join an online webinar on Thursday June 3nd at 7:30pm. To register your interest for the webinar email:

This project is co-funded by Waterford City and County Council and The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, through the National Parks and Wildlife Service’s National Biodiversity Action Plan Fund.

If you would like more information, please email or call Ricky Whelan (BirdWatch Ireland Project Officer) at


For media queries please contact: Ricky Whelan, BirdWatch Ireland Project Officer 085 783 2545

Tramore Summer Parking Permits – now available online

Tramore Summer Parking Permits are now available for online purchase by everyone who visits or lives in Tramore and parks in the pay and display areas along the Prom.

Permits are available for the months of June, July, August and September for a fee of €10 per calendar month or €30 for 4 calendar months. A single non-transferable permit per car will issue upon card payment within 3 working days to your home address.

Applications can also be made on behalf of family members.  The permits will make your daily trips to Tramore over the summer a lot more carefree without having to think of change for the parking machines while packing your dry robes, picnics, buckets, and spades.

Motor homes, motor caravans and camper vans parking is only permitted on the
Lower Prom for vehicles that fit within the dimensions of parking spaces, without
encroaching on to the carriageway.

The Council also provides 5 designated campervan spaces for larger type vehicles on
the Lower Prom near the Skate Park.

To apply, please scan the QR code below or go to Waterford Council Submit platform

Public Participation: Identification of Bathing Waters

Local authorities must identify official bathing areas in their area every year so that they can be monitored for safety, water quality and their level of use. To help with this process, Waterford City & County Council are asking people who swim at beaches, lakes and rivers to tell them if they think they should maintain existing designated bathing waters designations or give a new official bathing area designation to areas that are commonly used for swimming, but not identified at the moment.

Under European and Irish law, Irish local authorities must identify bathing waters each year so that these areas can be monitored to ensure they meet stringent microbiological water quality standards. In some cases, the official bathing areas are also the areas where local authorities focus their resources providing lifeguards during the summer season. These laws also require that the local authority prepares detailed descriptions or profiles for each of the identified bathing water sites that describe not just the bathing area but also areas in the surface waters catchment area that could be a source of pollution. The profiles include an assessment the risk of pollution and what action would be taken if pollution occurs.

If you are a regular swimmer and want to help your Council decide which bathing areas should be classified as such, it might be helpful to consider the following:

  • How your swimming area has been used up to now;
  • How many people use the site;
  • What facilities exist at the site and how accessible it is;
  • Any safety issues.
  • If you wish to propose your favourite beach/river etc as a new bathing water site or comment on an existing site, please return this online form.

Closing date for submissions to Waterford City & County Council is 17th June 2021.

For further information please contact 0761 102020.


Note to editors: Local authorities are required under the Bathing Waters Directive and the Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008 (SI No 79 of 2008) to identify bathing waters on an annual basis. The Directive requires that water quality at all designated bathing waters meets stringent microbiological standards in order to protect the health of people who choose to bathe there.

Update on Tramore Public Realm town centre works

Following the monthly update between Waterford City and County Council and  the contractor on site at Tramore town centre it is confirmed that the  Upper Main Street is completed within the scope of the current project.

Paving has been delivered and the ESB part of the programme is ahead of programme with cables dropped and new lighting poles installed.  All concrete works are progressing.

Dungarvan Art Trail launched

Running from May through to September 2021, in various shop windows, the
Arts Centre and Library throughout the coastal town. Dungarvan Art Trail is
delighted to present The Vertigo Project by internationally acclaimed, locally
based, dye transfer printer and artist Jean Curran.

The Dungarvan Art Trail, conceived by Jean Curran, has been brought to life with
the generous support of Creative Ireland Waterford, the Arts Office, Waterford
City and County Council, as well as the input and openness of local business and
property owners.

The Dungarvan Art Trail initiative has created an opportunity for viewers to reappraise their connection with the space in which the art is displayed and aims
to deepen the level of engagement between the community, local business and
the artworks.

A series of 18 original handmade dye transfer prints by Irish artist Jean Curran – a
work of editing and re-presentation that takes key scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s
Vertigo to reveal the artistry of the film in a fresh and novel way.

Produced with the full co-operation of the Hitchcock estate, Curran first edited select
frames from a rare original Technicolor dye imbibition print of Vertigo from 1958,
and then printed them using the same dye transfer process by which the movie was

This experiential exhibition of dye transfer photographic prints in Dungarvan is
made up of scenes from Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s Technicolor masterpiece Vertigo. This
is the first showing of these prints in Ireland, they have previously been exhibited in
New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. Through the work the artist is paying
homage to a golden era of film making and to Hitchcock, one of the greatest film
makers of all time.

Vertigo was first released on the 9th of May, 1958 and is now largely recognized as
Hitchcock’s greatest achievement. It tells the story of a police detective (Jimmy
Stewart) who falls obsessively in love with the woman he has been paid to follow
(Kim Novak). Failing to prevent Novak’s character from jumping to her death
because of his vertigo, Stewart spirals into an ever darker state of despair until a
chance sighting of a girl who resembles Novak reignites his passion and unravels
a complex web of deceit and crime.

The film’s underlying themes of voyeurism, eroticism and dark emotions are
portrayed delicately and with great intelligence through Hitchcock’s rigorously
composed shots while his use of color moves the story along into masterfully layered

Recognized by film critics and connoisseurs for the remarkable care with which each
scene was composed, the single frames and set-ups of Vertigo reveal Hitchcock’s
aesthetic not just as cinematic but as photographic, prefiguring and influencing the
work of contemporary artists from Eggleston to Cindy Sherman.

Brought to new life in richly luminous prints Curran’s Vertigo project is a fitting
tribute to the film, the master craftsmanship that made it as well as an original work
of art in its own right.

About Jean Curran
Irish artist Jean Curran (b. 1981) is one of only a small handful of working dye
transfer printers in the world and the only artist to be using dye transfer printing
as the basis for her contemporary practice. She works from her family farm in
Kilmacthomas, County Waterford.

Curran’s work is rooted firmly in the history of early colour film and
photographic works. Her practice focuses on the re-contextualisation of early
colour films and of re-presenting them as still frame photographic images.
Her vibrant and rich prints invite the viewers into the spaces they’ve known as
moving images and without force maneuvers, the viewer deeper and further into
each selected scene.

The isolation of a specific aesthetic aspect of cinema also structures Curran’s
work, which is delivered through an aesthetic filter that both replicates and
celebrates earlier modes of colour and image creation.

The process by which Curran makes her prints is deeply laborious and the time,
technical knowledge, and attention that she bestows on each colour print recall a
painter or sculptors dedication to their art as expressed through the process of

In this way, Curran not only returns to earlier modes of image making but also
older ways of conceptualising artistic production itself that involves nurturing
the relationship between labor and reverence for a subject.

Curran’s transformation of movie frames gives us a chance to think about
photography, its technological transitions and myriad points of connection to
film, cinema history, and painting.

Curran is represented by; Danziger Gallery, New York & Michael Hoppen Gallery

Quotes –
‘In recent times, people have been unable to go into galleries, indeed some people do not
visit galleries at all. The Dungarvan Art Trail places art central to our daily lives, as people
pass buildings which they often don’t give a second glance to. Having an artist of Jean
Curran’s ability to re-imaging spaces and to open conversations about creativity,
imagination and art is a great opportunity.’

Margaret Organ, Arts Officer, Waterford City & Council
“As one of only a handful of dye transfer printers in the world, and the only contemporary
artist using this almost obsolete craft as part of my practice, I am thrilled to have the
opportunity to show the works in my home county and local town”.

Jean Curran
Creative Waterford is delighted to sponsor this fantastic project as part of our Creative
Communities initiative. The collaboration between Jean Curran, the local authority and the business community brings vibrancy and life to the town of Dungarvan and helps us
consider how intrinsic creativity is in our lives, and how the arts can be accessed by the
public in different ways. – Katherine Collins, Creative Waterford Coordinator

Minister O’Brien welcomes Cabinet approval for the publication of Affordable Housing Bill 2021

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD, has welcomed Cabinet approval for the publication of the Affordable Housing Bill 2021.

The Bill will be the first comprehensive standalone legislation dedicated to the provision of affordable housing in history of the State. Key elements of the Bill include:

  • The first scheme of direct state built affordable homes in over a decade
  • The first ever national scheme to provide for the delivery of Cost Rental housing
  • A new Affordable Purchase Shared Equity scheme for homes in private developments
  • Provision for the extension of Part V to a set 20% in every Local Authority area with a 10% minimum requirement for social homes and a further 10% requirement for affordable homes where required

Commenting Minister O’Brien said, “This Bill is delivering on the Programme for Government commitment to put affordability at the heart of the housing system and to prioritise the increased supply of affordable homes.

“For the first time in over a decade we will be empowering local authorities to deliver affordable homes for purchase on their own lands, meaning that middle income earners can be supported to own their own home.

“The Bill will also provide a statutory legislative basis for our first ever national Cost Rental scheme, whereby tenants pay rent that covers the costs of delivering, managing, and maintaining the homes only – the first homes will be delivered this year at a minimum of 25% below market value. The development of a Cost Rental sector will achieve what has been a long standing public policy goal and will deliver on the recommendations made in National Economic and Social Council (NESC) reports.

The new Affordable Purchase Shared Equity scheme will involve the State supporting hard pressed first time buyers to purchase homes in private developments. This will take the form of an equity stake of up to 20% in new build homes. Eligible homes will be subject to regional price caps. The scheme will ensure that people paying high rents can instead use their hard earned income to pay down a mortgage and own their own home much sooner. Controls will be in place to prevent any inflationary effect.

“Finally, the Bill provides for an extension of Part V to a set 20% in every Local Authority area, with a 10% minimum requirement for social homes and up to a further 10% requirement for affordable homes where required, or where not so required, the additional percentage may be used towards social housing,” he concluded.



Tellus Survey aircraft to begin flying over the south east of Ireland

Conducted by the Geological Survey Ireland (GSI), the Tellus survey collects geochemical and geophysical data on rocks, soil and water across Ireland.

To collect this data, the latest phase of the survey will involve a low-flying aircraft flying from August 2020 until the end of the year (weather permitting) over Counties Laois, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford, and neighbouring parts of Kildare, Carlow, Offaly and Cork. For up to date information and the planned weekly flight schedule, please visit

The aircraft will fly at a low level of 60 metres over rural areas (approximately eight times the height of a standard two storey house), rising to 240 metres over urban areas. The sound of the plane is similar to that of a passing lorry and it may startle sensitive livestock, such as horses, pedigree cattle, sheep-in-lamb and poultry flocks. The speed of the aircraft is about 216 km/h or 130 mph.

As it is vital to raise public awareness of the project, particularly amongst farmers and animal owners, the Tellus team is delivering an ongoing communications campaign across the region to ensure all stakeholders are informed. If you have any  concerns about the survey, particularly if you own sensitive livestock and you would like to be kept informed of latest flight plans in your area,  you can contact the Tellus Freephone information line on 1800 45 55 65 or visit

You can also follow Tellus on twitter, @TellusGSI

Online vaccine registration open from Tuesday 4 May for people aged between 50 and 59

From today, Tuesday 4 May, people aged between 50 and 59 can register for their COVID-19 vaccine online.

To avoid delays when we open registrations this week, we are asking people to register on different days depending on their age:

Registration dates and age groups

·       Tuesday, 4 May, people aged 59 should register

·       Wednesday, 5 May – people aged 58 should register

·       Thursday, 6 May – people aged 57 should register

·       Friday, 7 May – people aged 56 should register

·       Saturday, 8 May – people aged 55 should register

·       Sunday, 9 May – people aged 54 should register

·       Monday, 10 May – people aged 53 should register

·       Tuesday, 11 May – people aged 52 should register

·       Wednesday,12 May – people aged 51 should register

·       Thursday, 13 May – people aged 50 should register

Online registration – information for patients and service users

People in this age group who are registering online will need their Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), their Eircode, an email address or a mobile phone number.

A friend or family member can help If someone is finding it difficult to go online and register or they can ring HSELive for support on 1850 241850 or 01 240 8787 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days.

Once registered the person will receive their vaccine appointment for the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

Frontline healthcare worker vaccines
COVID-19 vaccines are still available to all frontline healthcare workers who have not yet been vaccinated, regardless of your age.
Get information on how to get your vaccine here.

Need information and advice on COVID-19? Go to

Minister Humphreys announces €14 Million Fund to support outdoor adventure activities

Our Rural Future: Minister Humphreys announces €14 Million Fund to support outdoor adventure activities

  • Fund to develop recreational activities at mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, beaches and bogs 
  • Investment will support Tidal Pools, Floating Boardwalks, Mountain Trails, Forest Walks, Greenways & Blueways
  • Focus on supporting adventure activities such as kayaking, mountaineering, surfing, paragliding and outdoor swimming

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, has today opened a called for applications for €14 million in funding for outdoor recreation projects and investment that will support the adventure tourism sector in rural communities.

The funding, which is being provided under the Outdoor Recreation and Infrastructure Scheme, will support the key objectives of Our Rural Future – the Government’s ambitious new policy for Rural Ireland.

The focus of the funding is to develop rural Ireland’s unique natural amenities and support outdoor pursuits and adventure activities such as hiking/mountaineering, cycling, horse-riding, canoeing/kayaking, swimming, surfing, sailing, rock-climbing, fishing, paragliding and hang-gliding.

The fund will provide for significant investment in the development of outdoor trails, walkways, cycleways, blueways, tidal pools, floating boardwalks and bridleways.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider opportunities to develop recreational amenities and increase public access and enjoyment of rural Ireland’s mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, beaches and bogs.

Today’s funding announcement is aimed at supporting outdoor recreation tourism, a growing tourism sector internationally, which has the potential to have major economic spin-off benefits for rural towns and villages as well as improving the health and well-being of rural communities.

Launching the Fund today, Minister Humphreys said:

“As part of Our Rural Future, the Government’s ambitious new policy for rural development, I want to see rural Ireland become a destination of choice domestically and internationally for outdoor pursuits and adventure tourism.

“The €14m Fund I am announcing today is focused on supporting a wide range of activities and projects for persons of all ages and abilities.

“I want to see applications coming forward which seek to develop and improve access to rural Ireland’s unique, natural amenities such as our lakes, rivers and beaches, as well as our forests, mountains and bogs.

“Through this Fund, we will invest in the development of forest and mountain trails, tidal pools, floating boardwalks on our lakes and bogs, greenways, blueways, bridleways and much more.

“COVID-19 has given us all a renewed appreciation for our great outdoors. Through this fund, I want us to develop our fantastic natural amenities so that people can access them and enjoy them.

“Successful projects will also bring significant economic spin off benefits for our rural towns and villages by attracting both domestic and international tourists in the future.”

Projects applications will be accepted from Local Authorities under the following Measures:

  • Measure 1 for small scale projects requiring funding of up to €20,000,
  • Measure 2 for medium scale projects with funding of up to €200,000,
  • Measure 3 for large scale projects seeking funding of up to €500,000, and
  • Project Development Measure funding of up to €50,000 for development costs for strategic large scale projects.

Also welcoming the funding, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin TD, said:

“Over the last 3 years, Fáilte Ireland has invested €11million to the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme, with a further €4million committed for 2021.

“Our partnership has helped transform the landscape of Ireland by investing in infrastructure across the country to expand and develop facilities for outdoor recreation activities including walking, cycling, watersports and running.

“With 226 projects funded to date in 2021, we look forward to supporting the Department of Community and Rural Development and Fáilte Ireland in developing the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme for 2021. 

“With increasing numbers of people participating in outdoor activities, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, the ORIS scheme supports the development of new routes and paths, provides invaluable funding towards improvements, maintenance and upkeep of some of Ireland’s most popular trails.  

“These outdoor amenities provide access to healthy, sustainable recreation for locals and visitors alike, while also providing economic benefit for local communities nationwide.”

For more information about the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme visit


Summer Ready booklet launched

Today, Ministers Coveney, Humphries and Naughton launched the “Be Summer Ready” Leaflet and campaign at Government Buildings.

This booklet is part of the Government of Ireland initiative to provide information to the general public on issues which may affect them during the summer months in Ireland. The booklet compliments a long standing and very successful “Be Winter Ready” public information campaign.

During the summer months, Ireland’s waterways and beaches become very popular. More people visit the countryside, engage in outdoor pursuits, visit family farms or take holidays abroad. With these activities there are associated risks and this booklet provides information on these.

In addition, people die in Ireland in drowning accidents, farm accidents, on our roads or succumb to summer related illnesses. Wildfires are a more common occurrence in this period.

Information on being prepared and staying safe during these summer months, for the individual, family, home, farm, business and school, is contained in this booklet and in the links/web addresses and phone numbers contained herein. We advise people to familiarise themselves with the information in this booklet.

The booklet is published by the Office of Emergency Planning, on behalf of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning.

There is more information and useful links on their website,

Community Information Meeting : Dunhill River

This is a public meeting about water quality issues in the Dunhill River Catchment and follows on from consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plan in 2017.

The Local Authority Waters Programme will be undertaking work gain a better understanding of what is happening in the Dunhill River Priority Area for Action. Information on plans for this area will be made available at the public meeting.

This is a new approach to water quality management in Ireland. Come along to the meeting and hear how you too can get involved