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Revised Traffic Management System – Ferrybank

As part of the Waterford City North Quays Public Infrastructure Project, a revised traffic management system will be installed on Fountain Street and Abbey Road, Ferrybank from January 2nd 2024.

The traffic management will consist of:

  • Closing the free flow lane from Abbey Road onto Fountain Street
  • Closing the bus lane from Fountain Street towards Rice Bridge
  • Re-directing pedestrians from the Abbey Road crossing to the Fountain Street crossing

This traffic management system will remain in place for a number of months.

Warnings and signage will be in place throughout these works.


Status Yellow Thunderstorm Warning for Munster

A Met Éireann Yellow Thunderstorm warning is currently in place for Waterford until 21:00 this evening (Thursday, December 28th).

The possible impacts of these conditions include power outages, hazardous travelling conditions and localised flooding.

Gabriel Hynes, Senior Engineer with Waterford City and County Council has urged the public to exercise caution.

“Our ground crews are attending to a number of fallen trees and roads blocked as a result of yesterday’s Status Orange weather event.  While the worst of the weather has passed, the current thunderstorm warning is expected to bring some scattered thunderstorms and spells of rain, which could lead to localised and spot flooding.  These conditions combined with fallen branches and debris on the roads will make travel hazardous.”

“We would also advise motorists to avoid driving through floods.  If a road is flooded, do not attempt to drive through it and choose an alternative route, as flood waters can be deeper than they appear. Pavement and road surfaces may also be damaged beneath the flood waters.”

Motorists are reminded to be conscious of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Waterford City and County Council’s severe weather management team is monitoring the situation and Council ground crews are on stand-by to deal with any issues that may arise, such as localised flooding, blocked drains, and gulley overflows.

Members of the public can contact Waterford City and County Council’s Customer Services Desks on 0818 10 20 20 during normal office hours, after which calls will be transferred to the Council’s emergency services number.

Please note the following emergency contact numbers below:
Emergency 999/112
Uisce Éireann 1800 278 278
ESB Networks 1800 372 999
Gas Networks Ireland 1800 205 050

Waterford City and County Council advises the public to:

  • Stay away from all coastal areas for the duration of the Met Éireann warnings.
  • All road users should be aware of the hazardous travelling conditions, and allow extra time for journeys.
  • The public are warned electricity wires are always live, never approach. If you see fallen or damaged wires, keep clear and phone ESB Networks immediately on 1800 372 999

A festive Féile Grianstad is coming to Dungarvan

On Thursday December 21st the skies of Dungarvan will light up for Féile Grianstad, as the town centre will be the backdrop for an amazing solstice celebration.

The free festivities kick off at 5pm with a series of ‘ceolchoirmeacha agus craic’, featuring Dungarvan’s own Loungeroom Lizards, Danny and Tommy Dunford, Andy Dunne, Brendan Clancy, Benny McCarthy, Joe Kelly and friends.

Santa Claus and his naughty nemesis Krampus will make a special appearance and you never know who else may turn up at the party.

Then at 9pm, a very special sound and light extravaganza is planned as a spectacular fireworks display bursts into the skies to the beat of the bodhrán on Dungarvan’s beautiful quays.

This year Dungarvan Town Square will be partially closed off from lunchtime on December 21st to facilitate the ‘Big Stage’. Earlier in the morning the Square will be the scene of a special weekly market with the emphasis on all things Christmas.

Those coming to Dungarvan are encouraged to park outside the town and walk to Grattan Square for the festivities.  Immediately prior to the fireworks display the quays will be closed to all traffic to facilitate the safe passage of pedestrians and viewers.

The long-term plans for the festival will see a vibrant mix of community arts and entertainment that will animate and illuminate the shortest days and the longest nights with fun, traditional hearty food, song, storytelling, and winter warmth.

Older than Santa Claus, and well before the Vikings arrived, the origin of this festival symbolises the triumph of light over darkness and the promise of renewed life.

Féile Grianstad is an initiative of Waterford City and County Council Arts Office, in association with the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport & Media.

Waterford FC signs 50-year contract with Waterford City & County Council for the use of Regional Sports Centre

Waterford FC has played its home games at the RSC since 1993, and after winning promotion to the Premier Division for the 2024 League of Ireland season, is delighted to secure the RSC for the long-term future, with the recent signing of a 50-year contract with Waterford City and County Council.

The RSC has been named the League of Ireland Pitch of the Year on multiple occasions, with the state-of-the-art facility having undergone large investment in recent years – most recently the installation of brand-new floodlights at the beginning of this year at a cost €260,000.

With the dedicated Waterford FC Club Shop a stones-throw away from the RSC, the club is delighted to secure its future at the Cork Road venue.

Speaking on the announcement, Group CEO Steve Curwood said, “It’s vital for Waterford FC to have a very productive relationship with the council; we’re in the early stages of a longer journey so it’s important that we continue to work together in making things happen.

“We have to use promotion as a fabulous platform to plan and develop everything around the football club, and this commitment from both ourselves and the Waterford City and County Council with this long-term agreement is the perfect start.”

Mayor of Waterford City and County Cllr Joe Conway welcomed the announcement saying, “On behalf of Waterford city and county, we are delighted that this robust relationship with Waterford FC is set to continue.

“It was a significant year for the club, one which we all celebrated, and I’m confident the next fifty years will be as significant and exciting for Waterford FC as they begin their topflight League of Ireland journey.

“Waterford FC has put down a great base here at the RSC and we’re delighted with its success.  Waterford City and County Council is looking forward to continuing its work in supporting the club.  It’s destined to be a symbiotic relationship, great for the city, great for the county and great for the club.”

Ivan Grimes, Director of Services with Waterford City and County Council added, “This long-term agreement will not only consolidate our great working relationship with the Board, management, players and fans of Waterford FC, it signals the Local Authority’s commitment to help build a better club.

“The benefits of this agreement are far-reaching as they will permeate through to our sports clubs, our schools, and our communities for many years to come.”



Images:  Free to use – Noel Browne

1. The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway is pictured with Steve Curwood, Executive Director, Waterford FC and Ivan Grimes, Director of Services, Waterford City & County Council.

2. The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway is pictured with Steve Curwood, Executive Director, Waterford FC.

6.  The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway pictured with Marc O’Donovan-Wyatt, Chief Operating Officer, Waterford FC, Steve Curwood, Executive Director, Waterford FC and Ivan Grimes, Director of Services, Waterford City & County Council.

7. The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway pictured with Marc O’Donovan-Wyatt, Chief Operating Officer, Waterford FC, Steve Curwood, Executive Director, Waterford FC, Ivan Grimes, Director of Services, Waterford City & County Council and Darren Sealy, Manager, Waterford Regional Sports Centre.

€100,000 in Outdoor Recreation Funding Announced for Waterford

On Tuesday, November 21st, Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys announced funding of almost €2.3 million nationally to support the development of 50 outdoor adventure projects across Ireland.

The investment under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme (ORIS) will be key to enhancing outdoor amenities such as our walkways, cycleways, rivers, lakes and beaches.

As part of this announcement two Waterford projects received a very welcome funding boost; Blackwater River Valley Outdoor Recreation Plan and Comeragh Mountains Outdoor Recreation Management Plan.

The Project Development Measures will fund the preparatory work required to bring large scale outdoor recreation projects to a shovel-ready stage.

Each project will receive €50,000 in funding under this round of ORIS funding with a minimum of a further 10% in funding being contributed by Waterford City and County Council. It is envisaged that the projects will be implemented in 2024.

Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Joe Conway welcomed the funding announcement saying, “This funding announcement is significant for Waterford, as it will drive the impetus to bring these two large-scale projects to fruition.

“Waterford’s successful projects are located within two areas of outstanding scenic beauty namely the Blackwater River Valley and the Comeragh Mountains, and the development of these high quality recreation opportunities will only serve to enhance the areas and the communities within.”

Blackwater River Valley Outdoor Recreation entails the design of improved river access points to facilitate water-based activities at Ballyduff Upper and Lismore to include developing designs to planning stage, environmental assessments and submission of the resultant planning application. This work will build on a feasibility which was undertaken in 2022 to look at the potential of the Blackwater River Valley for Blueway, water trail and related land based outdoor recreation opportunities. It will also greatly add to ongoing projects in both Cappoquin and Villierstown seeking to enhance access to the River Blackwater for recreation.

Comeragh Mountains Outdoor Recreation Management Plan will see the development and management of high-quality outdoor recreation opportunities in the Comeragh Mountains focusing on core environmental, conservation, landscape, and socio-economic factors.

Widespread stakeholder and community engagement are planned as part of the preparation of this plan which will be consistent with objectives contained within the Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 to 2028.

Similar to the River Blackwater project, the process of preparing the plan will very much consider the unique characteristics of this wonderful upland landscape.

The Rural Economic Development team in Waterford City and County Council looks forward to working with the local communities on these exciting projects in 2024.


Waterford City & County Council seeks Expressions of Interest (EoI) for Ardmore Affordable Housing Scheme

Waterford City and County Council is actively considering the development of an affordable housing scheme at Ardmore, Co. Waterford.  Initially, the Local Authority is assessing the viability of, and the need for such a scheme in the area.

The Local Authority Affordable Housing Scheme provides for Local Authorities to make new homes available at a reduced price for first-time buyers whose mortgage and deposit will not cover the price of the home and who are seeking to purchase a newly-built home.

If you are a first-time buyer, unable to get a mortgage for a new home in the Ardmore area, the affordable housing scheme will provide for:

  • The purchase of a home using the income capacity of the purchaser(s) and the maximum mortgage available to them.
  • The Local Authority to take an equity stake in the home to cover the shortfall in the price to a maximum of 40% and a minimum of 5% which can be redeemed at any stage in the future or may be left in place until a future sale of the property.

While the final purchase price of the affordable housing has yet to be determined, the scheme will be targeted at those who cannot access social housing supports and cannot afford to purchase a property on the private market.

If you consider that you may qualify and are interested in declaring an interest provisionally at this point, you are invited to complete an Expression of Interest online survey, subject to the important information contained within the survey and acceptance of the terms outlined in it.

To complete the Expression of Interest online survey, visit Waterford City & County Council (

The survey will remain open until 4pm, Sunday December 31st, 2023.

For further information about the Admore Affordable Housing Scheme (EoI) email


Waterford City & County Council calls for dog owners to bag it and bin it!

Dog owners of Waterford are being urged to clean up their dog’s waste by bagging it and binning it!

Not only is dog poo unsightly and smelly, but it can also pose a health hazard. Dog poo on our streets, parks, trails and beaches can cause illness and lead to the spread of disease, as it contains harmful bacteria such as E-coli and parasites like roundworm. Not only this, but it can cause serious kidney disorders, diarrhoea, intestinal illnesses, and cramps.

Parents with buggies, children, and vulnerable groups such as wheelchair users and the visually impaired, are particularly susceptible to stepping in or wheeling through dog poo, and being at risk of these health implications, not to mention the unpleasantness and inconvenience of getting poo on shoes, hands or wheels.

Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Joe Conway said, “The majority of dog owners and dog walkers are responsible and ensure that they clean up after their pets.  However, there is a minority that believes their dog waste is not their responsibility.”

“The consequences of not bagging, binning or bringing it home are not pleasant.  Dog poo and discarded poo bags are a blight on the landscape, they spoil our wonderful natural amenities, and they are harmful to people and wildlife.”

By simply ensuring we all clean up after our dogs, we protect our community and our environment.”

Niall Kane, Senior Executive Engineer, with Waterford City and County Council added, “Dog waste should be bagged immediately and can be discarded in any public bin.  If there is no public bin in the vicinity of the walk, it should be brought home and disposed of in a suitable sanitary manner.

“Often is the case, some owners will bag it, but then leave the bags on trees or on walkways, which is unsightly and has a detrimental effect on the environment. Discarded poo bags are a threat to wildlife through ingestion and entanglement, and can end up in our rivers and lakes, causing further damage to our marine life…the consequences of which will be felt for generations to come.”

Waterford City and County Council encourages all dog owners to make the right decision and clean up after their pooches to protect our communities, our wildlife and our outdoor spaces.


Images: Free to use (WCCC)

  • Lydia O’Connor (WCCC) and Peaches, Niall Kane Senior Executive Engineer (WCCC) and Ivy, Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Joe Conway and Ella Ryan Environmental Awareness Officer (WCCC) with Bess.
  • Ella Ryan Environmental Awareness Officer (WCCC), Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Joe Conway and Niall Kane Senior Executive Engineer (WCCC) with Bess and Ivy.

Phase 3 of works at Farronshoneen Roundabout

Phase 3  of the construction works at Farronshoneen Roundabout are due to commence on Thursday, November 16th  and continue for 5 working days until Wednesday, November 22nd.

The works will entail the reconstruction of the east bound lane of the Outer Ring Road coming off the roundabout (i.e. between Farronshoneen Roundabout and Waterford University Hospital).

During this stage all routes will remain open to traffic, however Stop / Go controls will be in place on all four legs of the roundabout for the duration, resulting in some delays to traffic in the area.

Waterford City and County Council apologies for inconvenience caused.

Moladh chun bóithre atá ag freastal ar fhorbairt ag Fáinne Na Farraige a fhógairt mar Bhóithre Poiblí

Tugtar fógra leis seo de bhun Alt 11 Fo-alt (1)(b)(iii) d’Acht na mBóithre 1993 go bhfuil sé beartaithe agComhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Láirge na bóithre thíosluaite a chlárú mar Bhóithre Poiblí.

  • Bóithre a fhreastalaíonn ar fhorbairt ag Fáinne Na Farraige, An Rinn

Tá an líníocht a thaispeánann na bóithre atá le glacadh i gcúram ar fáil lena iniúchadh thíos, nó is féidir féachaint ar chóipeanna inár Ranna Seirbhísí do Chustaiméirí i gCé Dáibhéid, Dún Garbhán nó ar Shráid Nua Bailey ar feadh tréimhse míosa suas go dtí an 13 Nollaig, 2023 agus an lá sin san áireamh.

Léarscáil (Cliceáil le haghaidh leagan níos mó)

Is féidir aighneachtaí nó tuairimí maidir leis an togra chun na bóithre a chlárú mar Bhóithre Poiblí a dhéanamh i scríbhinn suas go dtí an 27ú Nollaig, 2023. Cuir ainm na forbartha i líne ábhair nahaighneachta, le do thoil.

Sa Post: Aideen Jacob, Oifigeach Riaracháin, Rannóg na mBóithre, Áras Menapia, An Meal, Port Láirge.
Trí Ríomhphost:

Cuir ‘Glacadh i gCúram – Fáinne na Farraige, An Rinn’ i líne an ábhair le do thoil.

Proposal to Declare Roads serving development at Fáinne Na Farraige, An Rinn to be Public Roads

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 11 Subsection (1) (b) (iii) Roads Act 1993 that Waterford City and County Council propose to declare the roads mentioned below to be Public Roads.

  • Roads serving development at Fáinne Na Farraige, An Rinn

The drawing indicating the roads to be taken in charge are available for inspection below or copies can be viewed in our Customer Services Departments in
Davitts Quay, Dungarvan or Bailey’s New Street for a period of one month up to and including 13th December, 2023.

Map of Area Concerned (Click for larger)

Submissions or observations with respect to the proposal to declare the roads to be Public Roads may be made in writing up to 27th December, 2023. Please include the name of the development in the submission subject line.

By Post: Aideen Jacob, Administrative Officer, Roads Department, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford.
By Email:

Please put ‘Taking in Charge – Fáinne na Farraige, An Rinn’ in the subject line.

Strong Waterford representation at Pride of Place Awards

There was strong Waterford representation at Pride of Place Awards with Larchville Lisduggan Residents Association taking top honours.

Waterford was well represented at the All-Island IPB Pride of Place Awards which took place last weekend.

Larchville Lisduggan Residents Association took top honours in the Urban Neighbourhood (Village under 3,000) category, while CAPE-ability Club was represented in the Community Wellbeing Initiative category. The awards, hosted by Armagh, Banbridge, and Craigavon Borough Council tool place in the Armagh City Hotel with almost 100 community initiatives throughout the island of Ireland represented. Now in its 20th year, the awards celebrate the best in community development, and recognise the efforts of people in making their local neighbourhoods better places to live, work and socialise.

Waterford City and County Council nominated Larchville Lisduggan Residents Association, in the Urban Neighbourhood (Under 3,000) category.

Speaking following the awards ceremony Larchville Lisduggan Residents Association Chair, John Burns was delighted with the award saying:

“It’s a great honour to be recognised and rewarded on a national platform.  The work of the association is done in tandem with all the residents.  There’s a fantastic community spirit and we love working towards the same goal of making Larchville and Lisduggan the safest, most welcoming and inclusive estates in the heart of Waterford.

“This award is testament to the hard work of every member of our community in making Larchville Lisduggan the best neighbourhood in Ireland.”

The judges’ comments outlined the positive contribution the residents association has made towards enhancing all elements of the wider Larchville Lisduggan community and acknowledged the hard work of an incredibly motivated group.

Michael Murphy of Waterford City and County Council’s Estate Management Team was delighted with the residents association’s phenomenal success, saying:

“Everything this residents association does is about strengthening community ties. I look forward to continuing to work with them as they solidify and develop the locality.”

Also nominated by Waterford City and County Council in the Community Wellbeing Initiative category was CAPE-ability.  CAPE-ability is a social and friendship group for young adults with diverse needs and abilities.  The parent-led club meets weekly and empowers and supports members to flourish through activities such as boxercise, cookery, circuit-training and much more.

Kevin Moynihan, Community Officer with Waterford City and County Council added,

“We are so lucky in Waterford to have a wonderful network of community groups that passionately and ardently work towards better communities.

“Larchville Lisduggan Residents Association and CAPE-ability

Club are just two examples of the big changes that can be made when we work together towards a common goal.  They are outstanding exemplars of People Power!”

Sponsored by IPB Insurance, the Pride of Place competition was initiated 20 years ago though a Co-operation Ireland programme to acknowledge the invaluable work undertaken by volunteers and those involved in local community development.

It has grown into the largest competition recognising community development achievements on the island of Ireland.


Waterford City & County Council win two awards at Chambers Ireland “Excellence in Local Government” Awards

Waterford City and County Council has been successful at the recent Chambers Ireland “Excellence in Local Government Awards”, with two category wins, for the Waterford Museums of Time and Silver, and Mount Congreve House and Gardens.

Waterford Museums of Time and Silver took top honours in the ‘Heritage and Built Environment’ category which celebrates best in class by a Local Authority to promote public interest in, and knowledge, appreciation and protection of local heritage sites.  The Museum of Time opened in 2021 with kind donations and support from David Boles, Colman Curran and Liz Clooney, and is the only museum dedicated to horology and timekeeping on the island of Ireland.  The Irish Silver Museum also opened its doors in 2021 in the old Deanery Building on Cathedral Square, Waterford with benefactors Noel and Stephanie Frisby generously donating to its establishment and displays.

Mount Congreve House and Gardens, lauded as ‘One of the Great Gardens of the World’, clinched the title, amid stiff competition, in the ‘Supporting Tourism’ category. This award highlights the efforts of Waterford City and County Council in enriching local tourism and encouraging community appreciation of regional attractions.

The transformative investment in Mount Congreve House and Gardens has resulted in a world-class visitor experience, as well as a café, and retail offering. The estate also boasts a variety of walking paths, each adorned with creative displays that vividly narrate its long history.

Mayor of Waterford City and County, Cllr. Joe Conway said the recognition by Chambers Ireland was a great endorsement of the projects and the Local Authority’s investment in them.  He praised the Council’s commitment to initiating and advancing such exceptional initiatives, saying:

“I am delighted to see Waterford City and County Council recognised on a national platform for their commitment in initiating and driving such wonderful projects.  Both Mount Congreve and The Museums of Time and Silver are very deserving winners in their respective categories.  Waterford has an enviable tourism offering, and it is great to see the work of our Council endorsed in the wider community in such a positive way.

Waterford City and County Council’s strong performance at the awards was also highlighted by four other shortlisted projects, in a diverse range of categories.

Alongside its wins, the Council’s shortlisted projects included Tramore Town Centre Public Realm Works in the ‘Urban Revival’ category, and the proactive Ukrainian Refugee Response in the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ category. Their innovative communication strategy was showcased in ‘A Celebration of Waterford as Ireland’s Best Place to Live’, shortlisted in the ‘Communications’ category, while the Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability was evident in the ‘Climate Change’ category with the Business Rates Waiver initiative.

Commending all the projects put forward, Director of Economic Development at Waterford City & County Council, Michael Quinn commented:

“Our diverse array of projects reflect our commitment to not only address current community needs but also to proactively shape a sustainable future for Waterford. Each project, regardless of its category here tonight, is a step towards our vision of an inclusive, dynamic, and environmentally conscious city and county.”

The Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards are sponsored by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and took place in Dublin on November 23rd.


Community Safety Initiative Grant launched

The Independent Chair of the Waterford Local Community Safety Partnership (WLCSP), Mr. Sean Aylward, has announced the commencement of the WLCSP Small Grants Fund. This initiative offers grants ranging from €1,000 to €5,000, specifically intended to aid local community organisations and service providers. The primary objective is to boost innovative projects and initiatives that cater to the requirements outlined in the WLCSP Community Safety Plan 2023-2028.

The WLCSP, a creation of the Department of Justice, embodies a novel government pilot scheme which aims to seamlessly blend the strengths of statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, local councillors, and community members. The united front is dedicated to pinpointing and resolving community safety concerns at a local level.

Expressing his gratitude towards the Department of Justice, Mr Aylward explained, “Community safety is a multifaceted notion, surpassing just the boundaries of policing and crime. It envelops the essence of individuals being secure and feeling protected within their communities. It encompasses various aspects, ranging from the visible presence of Gardaí to ensuring children have safe areas to play. These grants have been designed to invigorate and nurture local community safety endeavours, especially those that resonate with the objectives of the WLCSP Community Safety Plan”.

The fund commences with a generous allocation of €50,000, with individual grants ranging between €1,000 and €5,000. Interested parties should mark their calendars, as the application process will be advertised from Monday, 2nd October. Applications will be accepted between 6th October and 20th October. Successful applicants can expect allocation by 17th November, with the stipulation that the funds be utilised before the close of 31st December 2023.

For a comprehensive understanding and further details, individuals and organisations are encouraged to visit Waterford City & County Council’s website below.


WLCSP Community Safety Small Grant Scheme 2023

Contact Details

Eddie Mulligan
Email :
Telephone : 087 7003486