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Dedicated Waterford Community Response Forum helpline now available

At the instigation of Minister Murphy, a Covid-19 Community Response Forum will be put in place for each City and County, and be coordinated by the Local Authority in each case.  The role of the forum is to ensure that there is a coordinated community response and to enable all voluntary statutory agencies to collaborate in support of our communities and particularly of our most vulnerable members.

A dedicated community support helpline of 1800 250 185 and email contact have been established in Waterford City and County to assist at risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice during the current public health emergency.

The confidential phone service has been established by the new COVID-19 Waterford Community Response Forum (WRCF), which includes over a dozen agencies and organisations. The helpline is focused primarily on ensuring that vulnerable members of the community or those living alone can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuels.

Included in the COVID-19 Waterford Community Response Forum are:

  • Waterford City and County Council
  • Health Service Executive
  • An Garda Síochána
  • Waterford Area Partnership
  • Waterford Leader Partnership
  • Waterford Age Friendly Alliance
  • Waterford Traveller CDP
  • Irish Farmers Association
  • Waterford Local Link
  • Waterford Age Friendly Alliance
  • Waterford Public Participation Network (PPN)
  • Waterford GAA County Board
  • An Post
  • Citizens Information Board
  • Red Cross
  • St Vincent de Paul

The new phone line 1800 250 185 is just one aspect of the Forum’s work. Its core aim is contributing to the community-wide effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Waterford City and County Council, through this group, will ensure that the wide variety of groups working across the county and city to assist those in need, will do so in an organised, collaborative and targeted way.

Chief Executive of Waterford City and County Council, Michael Walsh, explains “There are a number of agencies currently doing excellent work in delivering care to older and vulnerable people in our communities.These groups are currently operating independently of each other and our role in Waterford Council is to provide a targeted, integrated and coordinated approach to the delivery of these much needed services to our more vulnerable citizens across the City and County of Waterford during the COVID-19 pandemic. Waterford Council is ideally placed both statutorily and regionally to channel this great work and provide the governance structure in partnership with all stakeholders. This public health crisis has changed life for so many, and we are there to help with that change. Our own staff whose day-jobs have changed due to this crisis, will be a key resource in the management and operation of this community support programme along with our partner agencies/groups. Set to come into effect from Monday 30th March, we are providing a dedicated contact centre through our main contact number 1800 250 185 and with the lines open from 8:00am to 8:00pm seven days a week.”.

Contact details of this new service will be promoted on all Waterford local newspapers, WLR, Garda Text Alerts, Waterford Council website and our Twitter, MapAlerter service and Facebook pages. An information leaflet including the new freephone number and other information will be distributed around the city and county, particularly to vulnerable households, over the coming days.


Waterford City & County Council Services update

The following are now closed to the public:

  • All City and County offices, with the exception of the Waterford Integrated Homeless Service at 28 Parnell Street.
  • All Customer Services Desks at Bailey’s New Street and Civic Offices, Dungarvan are now closed.
  • All Motor Tax offices are closed and customers should avail of online services at
  • All Libraries, Museums, Theatres and Galleries remain closed.

All Council phone lines are open at 0761 102020.  The new Community Response helpline is available at 0761 102020.

Waterford Dog Shelter closed until further notice

Waterford Dog Shelter is closed until further notice owing to the ongoing restrictions on movement and COVID-19.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure all animals are well cared for.

Public Notice – Controlled burning of Agricultural Waste

Controlled burning of Agricultural Waste

Waterford City & County Council have been directed by the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management that in light of the on-going Covid-19 National Emergency controlled burning of agricultural land by the agricultural community is no longer permitted until further notice.

The public should note that all notices informing Waterford City & County Council of controlled burning will not be accepted for the duration of this emergency and that they should refrain from all forms of controlled burning at this time.

Controlled burning calls will not be accepted by the Fire Service or 999/112 for the duration of this emergency and all forms of controlled burning should not be carried out during this time.

It should also be noted by the public that if a 999/112 call is received relating to any controlled burning event on their property, then the Fire Brigade will be mobilised to attend and extinguish the fire. All the costs associated with the attendance of the Fire & Rescue Service will be invoiced to the property owner.

This measure has been deemed necessary when Fire & Rescue Services resources may be stretched due to Covid-19 crisis and, at a time when Waterford City & County Council are trying to maintain essential staffing levels.

Waterford City & County Council announces new COVID-19 measures

In response to the Taoiseach’s announcement of Friday 27th March, Waterford City and County Council have implemented the following measures:

  • With immediate effect from Monday 30th March 2020, all City and County Council offices are closed to members of the public until further notice, with the exception of Waterford Integrated Homeless Services at 28 Parnell Street, Waterford and some very limited public access, strictly by appointment, for certain housing services.
  • Phone lines will be manned on a 24/7 basis at 0761 102020 – Please note the out of hours service is for EMERGENCY COUNCIL SERVICES ONLY.
  • Waterford Integrated Homeless Services (WIHS) at 28 Parnell Street, Waterford will remain open during normal opening hours to deal with homeless emergencies. WIHS can be contacted directly at or on 0761 10 2499.
  • A dedicated Community Support Helpline – 0761 102020 – is operational in Waterford City and County Council to assist at risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice during the current public health emergency. The helpline is focused primarily on ensuring that vulnerable members of the community or those living alone can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuels. The confidential phone line service is being established by the new COVID-19 Waterford Community Response Forum, which includes over a dozen agencies and organisations.
  • Only priority services will continue to be maintained (e.g. water supply and wastewater services) as well as emergency response services (e.g. roads maintenance, public lighting and housing maintenance) together with minimal waste management/street cleansing services and a minimal parks maintenance service.
  • Waterford Fire Service will continue to operate as normal.
  • The Motor Tax Offices will be closed, however postal and online motor tax service will continue to operate.

Council staff will ensure a continuity of essential and critical service across our key operations and the Council’s Crisis Management Team will continue to meet on an ongoing basis.

General information on Council services can be accessed online and the Council is asking members of the public to avail of these services by:-

Waterford City and County Council’s response will continue to be informed by advice from the HSE and Public Health Authorities.

TICK TOCK – Reminder – the clocks go forward tonight


And while we’re at it … here’s a little on Waterford’s iconic Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower, originally called the Fountain Tower, is a renowned landmark in Waterford City. Constructed in 1863, it cost £200 to build and the clock, installed in 1864, was donated by Waterford Corporation.

The tower was designed by Charles Tarrant in an ornate Gothic style and its interesting architectural and artistic features include diamond panels on the clock faces and subtle portrait detailing. The construction and carved dressings are indicative of high quality stone masonry.

Mr. Tarrant was the engineer and county surveyor for Co. Waterford, from 1855-1877 and he was also involved in designing Waterford Gaol and Cavendish Bridge at Lismore.

The tower retains most of the original clock fittings and mechanisms and they are maintained regularly by an horologist.

Social Distancing the only community response to limiting spread of COVID-19

Following a difficult week, we understand that the weekends may be a time for recreation and to get out of the house.  But now is a time we must follow national advice to cut all unnecessary journeys, to maintain social distance, to look out for the elderly and vulnerable by staying at home … to flatten the curve.

If you are out and about over the weekend, please practice “Social & Physical Distancing” and avoid locations that may attract large crowds.  Community Gardaí will be a visible presence at potential gathering places … please respect their advice.

Use only local amenities and, if at all, ensure that you do so at off-peak times.

REMEMBER: Social & Physical Distancing is the only community response to limiting the spread of #COVID-19.

Service Update: Playgrounds now closed

As part of government measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, Waterford Council has closed all of its playgrounds across Waterford City and County.

We know spending time outdoors is good for our health but right now social responsibility is essential for ALL of our health.

If you must go out with your family, please take care to avoid busy places, stay at least 2m apart from others and don’t arrange to meet up with other groups.

Stay Safe – Flatten The Curve

Advanced Notice – Road Resurfacing works in Poleberry

Resurfacing works in Poleberry will commence on Monday 30th March to Thursday 2nd April 2020.

Parking restrictions will be in place during working hours on those days. Local access will be maintained.

Why not renew your Motor Tax online or by post ?


Why not save yourself a trip to our offices by carrying out the transaction online or by post ? #SocialDistancing

Multiple Motor Tax services are available via

Your vehicle’s reg and your renewal pin are required. The PIN appears in your renewal notice and also appears as the last six digits of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V.R.C.) number which appears at the top right hand corner of the front of your V.R.C.

We also accept renewals by post to Customer Services, Bailey’s New St, Waterford and Civic Offices, Dungarvan.

Forms are available on the link below:

We can also assist with queries on 0761 102020.

Free Online Resources at Waterford Libraries

While our libraries are closed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you can still access our Free Online Resources.

To join visit: and complete the online application form. You will be given a temporary library number and a library PIN.

As a library member you will have access to FREE Online Resources such as :

  • BorrowBox for eBooks & eAudioBooks
  • PressReader for digital newspapers
  • RBDigital for digital magazines
  • Transparent Language Online for language learning
  • Universal Class for online courses

If you’re already a member and would like to update your account or need to reset your PIN you can phone your local branch for further help.

Service Update: Food Markets & Casual Trading

Due to Covid-19, Waterford City & County Council have decided to suspend all Casual Trading within Waterford City & County until further notice.

This includes the Dungarvan (Grattan Square), Tramore (Priest’s Road) and Waterford City (John Roberts Square) markets.

Emergency Road Closure – N72, Ballylemon to Ballymacmague

N72 Ballylemon to Ballymacmague (Master McGrath)

Notice is hereby given that Waterford City and County Council, in exercise of its powers pursuant to Section 75 Roads Act 1993, will close the following public road on 24th and 25th March, 2020 to facilitate the carrying out of emergency road works.

Road to be closed:
• N72 between Ballylemon Lower and Ballymacmague South at the Master McGrath junction with the Clonmel Road R672.

Diversion Route:
• Traffic travelling to Dungarvan and the Military road from Cappoquin/Lismore to divert to the right at the N72 /R671 Rockfield junction, turn left onto the L2020 (Bog Road) and
follow the diversion signs to rejoin the N25 at the Spring roundabout, Dungarvan, normal directional road signs to be followed after that to the final destination.
• Traffic travelling to Cappoquin/Lismore from Dungarvan/Waterford should divert to the right at the N72/ R672 Master McGrath junction onto the Clonmel Road R672 and
turn left onto the R671 at the R672/R671 junction and travel to rejoin the N72 at its junction with the N72 at Rockfield.