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Conservation Advice Grant Scheme for Vacant Traditional Farmhouses

The Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage is running a pilot scheme to provide grants for expert conservation advice to owners of vacant farmhouses in private ownership who are availing of and/or considering the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.

The Conservation Advice Grant Scheme for Vacant Traditional Farmhouses will provide a grant of up to €7,500 (ex VAT) to cover the cost of having a conservation expert with proven and appropriate expertise to visit the property, conduct a survey, and compile tailored conservation advice for the property owner. The report will outline the condition of the building, suggest conservation repairs and improvements which would improve the building and enhance the building’s character, energy efficiency, integrity, and amenity.

What kind of buildings qualify

Traditional (also known as ‘vernacular’) farmhouses are a key part of our rural landscape and shared heritage. Sometimes described as ‘cottages’, these buildings generally comprise modest houses constructed using local materials and traditional techniques by ‘ordinary’ people using locally available materials such as thatch, stone, slate, earth, wattle and unsawn timber. Later on corrugated iron, despite its imported, industrial origin, was also used.

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