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Council’s Severe Weather Crisis Management Team Convened In Advance of Storm Ophelia

Waterford City and County Council have confirmed that its Severe Weather Crisis Management Team has convened over the weekend and is in liaison with the National Emergency Coordination Group.
The Council would reiterate the risks outlined at National level, with high winds (gusts greater than 80 miles per hour likely) and heavy rainfall throughout Monday across Waterford.
There will be risk of structural damage, flying objects, fallen trees and localised flooding (exacerbated by fallen leaves), along with storm surges and high wave activity along the coastline from early morning to night-time on Monday. There is also a probability of power outages throughout the county.

Council resources have been mobilised to respond from early Monday morning and the Crisis Management Team will be in place for the duration of the storm. Specific measures have been put in place in respect of flood protection and sand bags and other resources will be available as required.

Members of the public are requested to notify Waterford City and County Council of any issues arising through the following channels (enter specifics)

Telephone: 0761 102020


It is advised that unnecessary travel should be avoided and that the public should stay away from exposed coastal areas (areas vulnerable to high wave activity) for the duration of the storm.

Further updates will issue throughout Monday.

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