Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

On 12th September 2019, Waterford City and County Council's "Climate Change Adaptation Strategy" was adopted by the elected members of Waterford City and County Council. The strategy will have a duration of 5 years and run until 2024 and be subject to a biannual review. The strategy was developed by the Environment Department of Waterford City and County Council. Support and guidance in the development of the strategy was provided by the “Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment” and the Eastern and Midlands Regional Climate Action Regional Offices.  The strategy focuses on the implementation of adaptation measures, which ensures communities, and society as a whole, become resilient to the impacts and risks of climate change.

This adaptation strategy forms part of the National Adaptation Framework (NAF) which was published in response to the provisions of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015. As the level of government closest to local communities and enterprise and as first responders in many emergencies, WCCC are uniquely placed to effect real positive change with respect to delivery of the national transition objective to a low carbon society and a climate resilience future.

This local authority (LA) adaptation strategy takes on the role as the primary instrument at a local level to:

  • Ensure a proper comprehension of the key risks and vulnerabilities of climate change.
  • Bring forward the implementation of climate resilient actions in a planned and proactive manner.
  • Ensure that climate adaptation considerations are mainstreamed into all plans and policies and integrated into all operations and functions of the LA.
  • This adaptation strategy serves WCCC in its main capacities namely:

  • As an organisation with an obligation towards customer service, a focus on effectiveness in business, improving efficiencies and maintaining staff welfare.
  • In the delivery of services and functions across the administrative and geographical area of Waterford city and county.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 this adaptation strategy is required to be adopted by members of WCCC.
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