Use the following Department of Agriculture contact numbers if you have a query about Avian Influenza ('Bird Flu' or Avian Flu) or if you come across one or more dead birds. However, not all bird deaths are of concern. Deaths of single swans and other water birds (e.g.) ducks, waders and gulls should in all cases be reported. Single deaths of other wild birds native to Ireland (e.g.) pigeon, crow, rook, finch, thrush, robin, magpie etc. need not be reported to the Department. However, any multiple die-offs of wild birds, regardless of species, should be reported to the Department. A multiple die-off is defined as three dead birds of the same species or five of different species found at the same location.

Members of the public should not handle dead wild birds unless it is necessary to do so. If people feel it necessary to handle dead, wild birds, they should take precautionary measures, i.e. wear disposable gloves and double bag dead birds in plastic. Wash and disinfect hands, footwear and protective clothing afterwards. See also Department of Agriculture's information note on Wild Bird Mortalities and also the Department of Agriculture & Food website which gives a huge amount of information on Avian Influenza and the handling of dead wild birds.

Avian Flu Telephone Numbers
Department of Agriculture District Veterinary Office, Govt Buildings, The Glen, Waterford:

  • Tel: 051 312300
  • Fax: 051 304439
  • National Avian Flu Helpline: 1890 252 283

  • For more information visit Department of Agriculture & Food Website.