Waste Collection Permits

Thinking of a clear out – make sure the person taking your waste has a waste collection permit, or you could get more than you bargained for. You could be fined up to €5,000 for using an unauthorised waste collector.

People engaged in collection of waste are required to have a waste collection permit. This ensures that they are responsible and that the waste is going to an authorised site. You have an obligation only to give your waste to an authorised collector.

  • Waste is anything you discard, whether it has a value or not.
  • Unauthorised waste collectors often engage in illegal dumping and you are still responsible.
  • Before you give waste to anyone, ask to see their waste collection permit. This permit must list the waste type you are discarding.
  • Vehicles from authorised waste collectors must have their name and waste collection permit number on it. Any advertisements must also give their name and waste collection permit number.

  • Sample Waste Collection Permit
    (click for larger version)
    Sample Vehicle with Permit
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    You can further check by visiting the National Waste Collection Permit Office’s website www.nwcpo.ie or by contacting the Environment section of Waterford City and County Council.

    Remember - Your Rubbish, Your Responsibility.