Online Newspapers

Local Historical Newspapers
Digital editions of local historical newspapers including the Dungarvan Leader, Dungarvan Observer and Waterford Chronicle. Free to all users.

Irish Newspaper Archive
Irish Newspaper Archives contains electronic versions of Irish newspapers from the 1700s to current day. With the Irish Newspaper Archives you can search, retrieve and view newspapers from 1700s to the present (except for the last 10 days (dailies) or most recent issue (weeklies). You can access this service from Branch Libraries using Library PCs only. Local users will find The Munster Express here.

Irish Times Digital Archive
This collection contains all articles published by the Irish Times from 1859 onwards. Invaluable for social research and gaining a wider historical perspective on local events.

ProQuest Newspaper Search
From February 2020, the Proquest Database will no longer be available as part of the national suite of free Online Resources. ProQuest Newspaper Search will be replaced with Press Reader digital newspaper service. Once the transition to this new service is completed, full information on how to access this service will be provided. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information please contact your local library.