Forward Planning

The Forward Planning section deals with the preparation of the planning policy documents, strategies and statutory/non-statutory land use plans for urban and rural areas across Waterford. These seek to deliver proper planning and sustainable development of the city and county, promote and facilitate the development of sustainable communities and enterprise, and ensure the protection of the natural and built heritage and amenity of the county, in a manner consistent with the vision and strategic outcomes underpinning the Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 - 2028.

The main policy documents and spatial land use plans consist of the Development Plan and subsidiary Local Area Plans.

Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 - 2028

The Council has completed the process of replacing the Waterford City Development Plan 2013 – 2019, Waterford County Development Plan 2011 – 2017 and Dungarvan Town Development Plan 2012 – 2018,  with the new unitary Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 – 2028 which will shape the future growth of the City and County for the periods of 2022 – 2028.

Details of all public consultation, and documentation relating to the draft plan and material alterations to the draft can be found on our Development Plan page.

Waterford AIRO Report

A socio-demographic indicator profile of Waterford City and County based on Census 2016 and interim data to 2020 was commissioned by the planning department to inform the new city and county development plan. The document is incorporated in Appendix 18 of the city and county development plan and cacn be accessed via the plan documents or via the link below.

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