Severe Weather

During periods of cold weather, roads are gritted daily in a priority order:

  • Red - Priority 1
  • Blue - Priority 2
  • Green - Priority 3

  • Priority 1 and Priority 2 are the main roads in use in the City and County. Priority 3 describes the smaller local roads. The communictions plan for a severe weather event shows that Priority 3 roads are rarely gritted (only when sustained snow is on the ground).

  • View a Map of Winter Maintenance Routes

  • Information during Severe Weather
    Waterford City and County Council have 2 main ways of keeping citizens up to date, in as timely and efficient a manner as circumstances allow.

  • MapAlerter - this is our free SMS texting service. Sign up for free to get alerts concerning your local area.
  • By online update - our channels on social media (Facebook and Twitter)

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