Waterford City Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waterford City's new Waste Water Treatment Plant at Gorteens, Belview, Co. Kilkenny was commissioned in July 2010.

The Treatment Plant is part of the Waterford Main Drainage Scheme and will cater for the needs of Waterford City and the Environs of South Kilkenny. The design is based on a population equivalent of 190,000.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was procured under a "Design, Build and Operate Contract" undertaken by Anglian Water International. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is to be operated and maintained by Anglian Water International for a 20 year period.

The main benefits of the new biological treatment plant are:

  • Compliance with EU Directives, Irish Regulations and the Urban Waste Water Regulations
  • Elimination of existing discharges of untreated waste water to the River Suir and an improvement in the rivers water quality.
  • Sludge generated in the plant is treated to the standards suitable for recycling to agricultural lands.
  • Provision of a waste water treatment plant to cater for the population increase to 2025.
  • Infrastructure to allow development to proceed in the City and environs in a sustainable manner.
  • Waterford City Waste Water Treatment Plant is operated under a Waste Water Discharge Licence (Reg. Number D0022-01) issued by the EPA on 6th January 2010.