Water Treatment Plants

Waterford City & Council operates 77 Sewerage Schemes ranging from septic tanks serving one or two houses to large Secondary Treatment Plants serving 45,000 people.

There are three plants with population equivalents greater than 10,000 as follows:

  • Dungarvan Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Tramore Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Waterford City Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • A further 2 serving c.1,800 p.e., one serving c.900 p.e. and the remaining 11 plants serving populations in the range of 25 to 400 people. There are 9 schemes that utilise Integrated Constructed Wetlands as the treatment system and these range in size from 6 p.e up to 250 p.e. There are 49 sewerage schemes that have septic tanks as primary treatment. Many of these are very small, only serving 1-4 houses but there are some larger schemes such as Tallow, Kilmacthomas and Cappoquin that are currently served by septic tanks. These larger schemes with septic tanks are currently being upgraded as part of schemes to progress in partnership with Irish Water. The sewerage schemes in Ardmore and Dunmore East currently discharge directly to the sea with only preliminary treatment but these are due to be upgraded in the near future as part of the Waterford Grouped Towns & Villages Sewerage Scheme.

    Many of these Sewerage Schemes also utilise pump stations to transfer the wastewater to the treatment systems. Waterford City & County Council currently operates 46 pump stations but this number will increase over the next few years as newer residential developments are taken in charge. These pump stations range in age from 40 years or older to only 3-4 years old where sewerage schemes have been recently upgraded. Waterford County Council is also progressing a programme of upgrades to all pump stations to incorporate anti-ragging systems which will improve operational efficiencies, reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the pumps.

    With the introduction of the Waste Water Discharge Authorisation (WWDA) Regulations in 2007, our Sewerage Schemes were required to be regulated with a full WWDA Licence or with a Certificate of Authorisation. To date, Waterford City & County Council have applied for 11 WWDA Licence and 10 of these have been issued by the EPA. It is expected that the remaining 1 licences will be issued in 2013. The Council also has 19 received Certificates of Authorisation from the EPA to date with a further 10 to be issued. The remaining 36 sewerage schemes are for small septic tanks for council housing with 1-4 houses being served. These septic tanks were registered under the Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems registration process in September 2012. All licences and Certificates transferred to Irish Water in 2014.

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