Water Schemes

East Waterford Water Supply Scheme
This scheme is the primary water supply in Co. Waterford. It supplies potable water to Waterford City and the eastern parts of the county including Tramore and Dunmore East.

The East Waterford Water Supply Scheme (EWWSS) was originally constructed and commissioned in 1984 to provide 25,000m approx. of potable water on a daily basis. Since then, steady population growth and increases in commercial/industrial development and tourism in the eastern region of County Waterford has demanded a significant increase in the capacity of the potable water supply facilities for the region. Waterford County Council appointed MC O’Sullivan Consulting Engineers (now RPS Consulting Engineers) to initially examine and report on the feasibility of expanding the overall capacity of the EWWSS, while conforming with the various Environmental Legislation, Directives and Regulations governing the sourcing, treatment and supply of drinking water in Ireland.

Design proposals were approved by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, outlining an expanded raw water intake and supply network, together with an expanded treatment plant at Adamstown and distribution pipelines capable of meeting population demands for the foreseeable future.

West Waterford Regional Supply Scheme

The West Waterford Area includes almost half of the county. There are over 50 separate Water Supply Schemes currently serving the area, many of which are experiencing supply shortages or water quality problems. The lack of an adequate water supply is a major constraint on the sustainable development of the area. For these reasons, Waterford City & County Council wish to rationalise the existing supply arrangements and develop a new Water Supply for the West Waterford Area.

The Councils Assessment of Needs, 2007 – 2016, states:

“Waterford County Council regards the development of a major Regional Water Supply Scheme for the West of the county as its most important water supply strategic objective.”

The Department of the Environment have included €2.945m for West Waterford Water Supply Scheme in its 2007 – 2009 Water Services Investment Programme as a Scheme to start in 2008. The Department has already approved the appointment of Consultants to prepare:

  • A Strategic Review of Water Supplies in West Waterford.
  • A Preliminary Report setting out proposals for new water supply infrastructure in the priority Stage 1 Area.
  • The Preliminary Report covering the Stage 1 Area, comprising Lismore, Cappoquin, Ballyduff and Tallow areas, has recently been completed.
  • The Report makes recommendations on necessary emergency and augmentation works.

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