Water Supply

Waterford City and County is served by 107 public water supplies. This represents some 10% of the total public schemes in the country. There are 2 major water supplies in the county:

Dungarvan water supply is a borehold that serves Dungarvan town and environs. East Waterford Water Supply is a major water treatment plant that serves East Waterford including the city and Dunmore east region. In addition, there are 13 reasonably sized schemes that supply between 200-800m3/day (serving ~20% of demand) and that serve the larger towns, for example, Tallow, Lismore, Stradbally, Kilmacthomas.

The remainder of the water supplies (92 number serving~20% of demand) serve small towns and villages and supply <200 m3/day. Of these, there are 68 numbers that are extremely small, serve small rural communities and produce <50 m3/day. These 92 schemes are either sourced from springs or bored wells.

In January 2014 responsibility for these water supplies transferred to Irish Water. Waterford City and County Council have a 12 year contract to maintain these facilities.

The function of the Water Services section is to provide an adequate supply of piped water of suitable quality for domestic, commercial, industrial and other uses and to provide a safe and adequate system for the disposal of sewage and other water-borne waste.

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government developed a National Drinking Water Monitoring Programme in 2004 (see National Drinking Water Monitoring Programme) to ensure that Water Service Authorities (Local Authorities) testing regimes and standards were in line with the European Drinking Water Standards.

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