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In Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, local authorities were identified as key enablers in advancing climate action in their local areas and the plan required that each local authority would identify a
Decarbonising Zone.

Our mission in Waterford City & County Council is to make Waterford the best possible place for all its’ people and for those that wish to live, visit, work or invest here.  This mission and the variety of projects at its heart were acknowledged when Waterford won the title of Best Place To Live In Ireland 2021. In keeping with its designation as Ireland’s Best Place To Live, Waterford is intent on leading the national climate change agenda and becoming the first city in Ireland to achieve carbon neutrality.

For the past decade and more, Waterford has been actively working towards Carbon Neutrality and preparing for impacts of climate change through both policy measures and the implementation of both adaptation and mitigation projects.

The Roadmap is structured around six programme groups to deliver a carbon neutral Waterford that are targeted at reducing or eliminating our major emissions and developing sustainability through collaboration, innovation and behavioural change.

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality 2040