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Proposed Changes to Traffic Arrangements to Bilberry Rd and Quarry Rd

trafic-blockWaterford City and County Council propose to make changes to the Traffic arrangements on Bilberry Road and Quarry Road.  These changes are;

  1. the making of Bilberry Road from one way from a point approximately 900m north of Rice Bridge to a point approximately 80m south of the Junction with Quarry Road. The direction of travel will be northbound.  The road will be narrowed and the remaining space set aside for the extension of the Waterford Greenway along this portion of the road.
  2. On the section of Bilberry Road and Grattan Quay from Rice Bridge to the point where the road is to be made one way, the road will remain two way but shall be narrowed and a shared footpath / cycle way shall be provided.
  3. On Quarry Road, at the junction with Gracedieu Road, the road shall be narrowed and the provision of a footpath linking Bowefield and Gracedieu Road shall be provided. Traffic lights will be installed to implement a shuttle traffic flow on the narrowed section.

These changes are intended to be temporary, as it is an objective of Waterford City and County Council  to widen Bilberry Road and Quarry Road in the future to allow for the development of the former Waterford Stanley Site and to allow the development of lands in Gracedieu East.  The timing of these road improvements will depend on the developments taking place in the area and the availability of funding for the road widening.

The Waterford Greenway will open shortly extending from Dungarvan to Bilberry along the route of the old railway line.  From Bilberry into Grattan Quay, this line is not available.  As the land along the river Suir develops, the greenway will be extended alongside the river to Grattan Quay.  As an interim measure pending the development of that land, provisions are being made to provide connectivity along the road to Grattan Quay.

The section of road identified in 1 above, and here via maps and drawings, the road is too narrow to provide any footpath / cycleway and maintain 2 way traffic.   This section of road will be one – way heading towards Quarry Road.

The section of road identified in 2 above is being made 2 way so the businesses and houses on this section of the road will not have to follow long diversions  via Quarry Road and Gracedieu Road to access the city centre, but will be able to exit onto Rice Bridge to access the city centre.

There is also no footpath provided between Bowefield and Gracedieu Road, to allow access to Gracedieu Road and the schools complex on Carrickphierish Road.  As the road here is too narrow to accommodate two way traffic and a footpath, a one -way shuttle system will be implemented here to allow the construction of a footpath linking Bowefield and Watersgate to Gracedieu Road.