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Growing Microgreens at Home

Join us for an engaging workshop where you’ll learn the basics of growing these ‘fast-food greens’ – microgreens in your own home, perfect for a sunny windowsill or any well-lit spot in any size home. No garden needed!

Growing Microgreens workshop

This workshop will focus on getting you started on growing microgreens – young, edible plants known for their intense flavours and high nutritional value. They’re great as garnishes, in salads, or for adding flavour to various dishes.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of microgreens.
  • How to plant seeds, manage blackout periods and in-light periods.
  • Practical tips for maintaining healthy growth, detecting and avoiding common issues.
  • Harvesting and storing your microgreens.

Take-Home Goodies: Participants will receive basic equipment to take home, including microgreen seeds, trays and growing mediums to kick-start their own growing adventure.

Online Support: The workshop session will also be supported with an online zoom drop-in clinic in the weeks following the workshop, allowing for troubleshooting and the sharing of experiences with fellow workshop attendees.

Share Your Progress: We’d love to hear about your journey, so we’ll also reach out to gather your feedback and see how you’re doing.

Facilitator: Aileen Drohan, Walton Institute (SETU)

Max no. of Participants: 15 (age 18+)

Workshop date: Friday 26th July 10.30am-12.30pm

Venue:  Research Room, Central Library

Registration: Book your place by calling Central Library on 051 849975.

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