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Have you had your say on the draft Control of Parking Bye-Laws ?

Waterford City and County Council currently has a public consultation process underway, focusing on the Draft Control of Parking Bye-Laws 2023. These bye-laws outline the rules and regulations for parking in the Council’s parking areas, which includes both Waterford City and County.

The bye-laws can be seen here :

Here are some key points from the draft document:

  • The bye-laws apply to all roads under the Council’s control, with the exception of national roads.
  • Parking is generally allowed on roads unless it is prohibited by signs or road markings.
  • The Council may designate certain areas as “Pay & Display” zones, where drivers must purchase a ticket from a parking meter and display it on their vehicle.
  • The Council may also designate certain areas as “permit parking” zones, where only vehicles with a valid permit are allowed to park.
  • Certain types of vehicles, such as heavy goods vehicles, may be restricted from parking in certain areas.
  • The Council may fine, tow or clamp vehicles that are parked in violation of the bye-laws.

Overall, the Waterford City and County Council’s Control of Parking Bye-Laws are designed to ensure that parking in the area is managed effectively and efficiently. By following the bye-laws, drivers assist in traffic management and reduce the risk of accidents and other problems.

The Council will consider any submissions or observations made in writing regarding the Draft Control of Parking Bye-Laws 2023.  Submissions should be lodged with Aideen Jacob, Administrative Officer, Roads Department, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford or by email to to be received before 4.00pm on Thursday 9th February, 2023.

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