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Hello, Konnichiwa Waterford





An early start as Waterford Walls Festival wows visitors with a massive fifty foot street art mural!

Waterford Walls, Ireland’s leading street art festival, is thrilled to announce a captivating addition to its 2023 event – a striking mural painting by none other than the renowned UK artist, Dan Kitchener aka DANK. Taking centre stage at the iconic Fitzwilton Hotel on Bridge Street, this large-scale masterpiece promises to enchant and captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Waterford Walls has long been celebrated for its commitment to urban transformation through vibrant street art, providing a unique platform for artists to unleash their creativity on the city’s walls. This year’s festival promises to be no exception, as the addition of Dan Kitchener’s mural elevates the artistic landscape to new heights.

Dan Kitchener, a world-renowned street artist and muralist, has gained international acclaim for his awe-inspiring urban artworks that blend dynamic realism with captivating scenes. His distinct style, characterised by vibrant colours and breathtaking lighting effects, has left an indelible mark on cityscapes across the globe.

The Fitzwilton Hotel, who is no stranger to street art, has graciously offered its 15 metre high wall to serve as the canvas for Dan Kitchener’s latest masterpiece. The striking mural is set to portray a traditional Japanese scene that depicts a porcelain geisha and the magic of Asia.

The Waterford Walls Festival is set to take place from 11-20th August at various locations across the city and county, featuring a diverse lineup of over 26 national and international artists who will grace the walls with their extraordinary talent. Waterford Walls is sponsored by Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey and supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Waterford City and County Council.

Join us in celebrating the magic of art as Waterford Walls Festival and Dan Kitchener weave a spellbinding tapestry of urban transformation. Follow the festival’s social media channels and website for updates on the event schedule and additional artist announcements.

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