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Hurricane Ophelia Update

Waterford City and County Council’s Crisis Management Team have convened throughout the day and have undertaken risk assessment in respect of Storm Orphelia and have put in place mitigation measures.

For Waterford the highest risks are from high winds gusting to in excess of 80 miles per hour (leading to possible structural damage and tree falls) and from localised flooding due to heavy rain and debris/leave falls as a result of the storm. The Council and emergency services will respond to incidents as they arise, prioritising threat to life in any form and ensuring where possible access for emergency services.

There is also a slight risk from storm/wave surges on the coast. The risk of flooding in Waterford City is seen as very low even though the Council is putting flood barriers in place as a precautionary measure. There is no risk of flooding tonight at high tide because of wind direction being favourable and wind strength not being enough. There is some risk at high tide tomorrow which is after 3 p.m. Even then the tides are not especially high at the moment, so the risk is only moderate and only from wave surges on the coast, with Tramore, Dungarvan and Ardmore possibly vulnerable. The Council will have crews in all of these areas from early morning and will have sandbags and other resources available. It is stressed, however, that the risk of significant flooding is low based on predicted tracking of the storm but the situation is being continuosly monitored and further updates will issue from early in the morning.

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