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Larchville and Lisduggan residents Plant the Parish

Larchville & Lisduggan Residents’ Association recently got involved in planting their parish!

Plant the Parish, an initiative of Waterford City and Council working with local residents’ associations, encourages communities to get out and about and ‘green’ their shared spaces.

With bedding plants supplied by Waterford City and County Council, the local residents’ associations rallied the community to get planting and enhance the communal areas, by adding colour to the estates.

Highlighting the importance of community involvement in green initiatives, Michael Murphy, Estate and Tenancy Management Officer, Waterford City and County Council, was delighted with the response from the Residents’ Association.

Michael said, “The idea behind Plant the Parish was to encourage local communities to get out and about in the community and get planting.  There was a fantastic response by both Larchville and Lisduggan residents and I have to commend the  Residents’ Association for getting behind Plant the Parish.”

“It is heartening to see the local pride in the community and the effort made by these residents committees. The results were fantastic and will benefit the wider community. Greening our communities promotes improved air-quality, and promotes better physical and mental health to all residents. It also has a knock-on effect in encouraging more residents to make an effort in planting and getting involved in other green initiatives.”

Cllr. John Hearne, who was involved with the committees, added, “I’d like to acknowledge all the residents and the Residents’ Association Committee that took part in ‘Plant the Parish’ in order to keep our outdoor living spaces clean, green and welcoming.”

“There is a wonderful sense of belonging in Larchville and Lisduggan and this initiative highlighted that even more.  Young and old got involved in the planting and the tidy up, and it’s great to see that despite the challenges of the pandemic, community spirit is stronger than ever in Larchville and Lisduggan.”

“I hope that this initiative will encourage more people to get involved and help us to make Larchville and Lisduggan even better places to live.”


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