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Last Two Weeks f Light And Language At Lismore Castle Arts

Lismore Castle Arts presents Light and Language.
Curated by Lisa Le Feuvre.
Artist Nancy Holt with A.K Burns, Matthew Day Jackson, Dennis McNulty, Charlotte Moth and Katie Paterson.

Gallery open Monday to Sunday 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

The artist Nancy Holt is at center of Light and Language. Nancy Holt (1938-2014) was an artist who rethought the limits and the possibilities of art. She was a key member of the Earth, Land and Conceptual art movements, an important female voice in the groundbreaking 1960s and 70s New York art scene. For five decades she asked difficult questions about how we might try to understand our place in the world. Holt’s art continues to inspire and recalibrate the possibilities of what art can be, and where it can be found.

Light and Language invites the artists A.K. Burns, Matthew Day Jackson, Dennis McNulty, Charlotte Moth, and Katie Paterson to explore ideas of light and language alongside Nancy Holt. This is the first time Holt’s work has been seen with twenty-first-century artists drawing from her legacies. The exhibition takes place at Lismore Castle Arts, one of Ireland’s leading spaces for experimental contemporary art. It stretches from Lismore Castle’s gallery spaces, through the castle gardens, into the surrounding everyday life of the town of Lismore.

The six artists in Light and Language pay attention to the structures and perceptions of light and language. At the center is Holt’s room-sized installation Electrical System (1982), presented for the first time in more than three decades. Formed of over one-hundred glowing light bulbs, Electrical System is an example of Holt’s innovative ‘system sculptures’ that make the facts of architecture visible. Holt described that these “sculptures are exposed fragments of vast hidden systems, they are part of open-ended systems, part of the world.”

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Admission: Garden and Gallery €8.50 Adults / €6.50 Child
Free for members.

Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Co. Waterford

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