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Make Way Day

Waterford City and County Council, in association with The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána, is supporting the Disability Federation of Ireland’s ‘Make Way Day’ (Friday, September 24th) campaign.

The campaign reminds drivers that parking on footpaths and blocking cycle lanes is an offence and poses a road safety risk to vulnerable road users.

Gabriel Hynes, Senior Engineer, Waterford City and County Council said that the Council fully backs the Disability Federation’s Make Way Day campaign. “Illegal parking adversely affects everyone, but especially wheelchair users, the visually impaired, older people and people with prams and buggies.

“When there is not enough room to pass safely on a footpath, users are forced onto the road, increasing the risk of an accident, while illegal parking in cycle lanes forces cyclists out into mainstream traffic, where there is an increased risk of a collision occurring.”

“Throughout the day Waterford City and County Council will have traffic wardens carrying out enforcement and advising the public to ensure that footpaths and cycle lanes are kept free of obstacles.”


In addition to the local authority traffic wardens, members of An Garda Síochána also have this authority to enforce parking regulation and issue fines.  In addition to fixed charges for breaching parking regulations, a driver can also be liable for penalty points.

If a driver has parked in a dangerous position, they could incur ‘penalty points’ up to a maximum of (5) on conviction and a ‘fixed charge’ ranging from €80 – €120. Driving in a ‘mandatory’ cycle lane is also an offence which can incur up to a maximum of (3) penalty points on conviction and a ‘fixed charge’ ranging from €60 – €90.


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