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Mayor remembers those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19

On Friday, November 26th, the Mayor of Waterford City and County Council, Cllr Joe Kelly planted a tree in the People’s Park, paying tribute to those who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

Cllr Kelly said, “It is my great honour as Mayor of Waterford City and County, to plant this tree today, remembering those who have sadly lost their lives to Covid.  Each one of them was a mother, a father, a son, or daughter, a partner, a sibling, a friend, a neighbour or a colleague.  They have been taken from their families and loved ones by Covid, but they will not be forgotten.”

“From the dark days that we have endured to the uncertainty that lies ahead, there will be brighter times ahead and we will prevail.”

“This tree is a symbol for those who have passed….strong, proud and always close by.  This spot in the People’s Park is somewhere tranquil and soothing when we want to remember those who we’ve lost.  It’s a place to visit to pause, reflect and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives, and also to acknowledge all who have contributed to the fight against Covid, in particular our frontline healthcare workers.  We are indebted to them for their hard-work, compassion and their professionalism as they work through this difficult time.”

Remembrance events had taken place throughout the country in September however, Waterford City and County Council delayed the ceremony in order to source a tree, fitting to mark the solemnity and magnitude of the occasion.

Eoin Dullea, Horticulturist with Waterford City and County Council sourced a beautiful foxglove tree (Paulownia Tomentosa) and explained why he had chosen that particular species.

“In essence, when the Foxglove tree or Paulownia is in flower, it looks far too exotic to be grown in Ireland.  The foxglove tree is a tree not seen that much in our ordinary everyday gardens as it is far too big for a small garden as a fully grown tree.  However, it is perfect for this location and an occasion as respectful as this deserves a tree as magnificent as this.”

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