Planning Forms, Notices & Fees

Planning Fees
A fee is payable with an application for planning permission. The cost of your planning application depends on the nature of the proposed development. You must pay the correct fee with your application, as the Planning Authority is prohibited by law from deciding an application until the fee is paid. Voluntary organisations may qualify for an exemption from the fee.

Item Fee €
Schedule 9 - Fees for Planning Applications  

Building of a House 65
Extension to a House 34
Building of Commercial Premises 3.60 per m2
Fees for Retention are as stated on Schedule 9 (above)

Making a written submission or observation 20
Planning file retrieval from archives 12
Issue of a letter of compliance with Planning Conditions 50
Fire Safety Certificate 2.90 per m2
Minimum €125
Letter confirming estate taken in charge 50
Declaration of exemption from Planning Permission 80
Planning history report on a site 100



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