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Migrant Forum seeks to work together for a more inclusive community in Waterford

Waterford City and County Council invites residents of Waterford, who have come from other countries and made Waterford their home, to meetings in Dungarvan and Waterford City in October.

The purpose of the meetings will be:

i)                    to identify what works well and what could work better for all residents and migrants of Waterford to feel supported in their community, workforce, education, sports and cultural events/activities

ii)                   to share information on the plans to establish the new Migrant Integration Forum for the City and County.

The changes in the population of Waterford over recent years shows an increase in people of different nationalities, ethnicities, languages, faiths and cultures living across the city and county. This growing rich diversity offers opportunities, positive contributions and also some challenges to the whole Waterford community (city and county). All Waterford residents deserve the best in services and supports to fully contribute and integrate into their communities.

From the meetings, the establishment of the Migrant Integration Forum will be initiated which will comprise a wide range of migrant group representatives. This Forum will support the Council to lead the development of an Integration Plan for the City and County in 2019, in response to the National Migrant Strategy: A Blueprint for the Future.

Dates and Times of the Meetings

  • Park Hotel, Dungarvan, 16/10/2018,  7.30 to 9.00pm
  • Tower Hotel, Waterford, 17/10/2018,  7.30 to 9.00pm
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