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Monitoring of access to High Speed Broadband


The High Speed Broadband Map 2020 [ available here ] shows where high speed broadband services area or will be provided commercially over the next five 5 years.  It also establishes where commercial operators have concrete plans to roll out high speed broadband coverage.

You can use the map to see if you will be covered by commercial operators or are in an area of the country that will be addressed by the State intervention.

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) is actively monitoring the rollout of high speed broadband in the BLUE areas so as to ensure the accuracy of the Map.  If your house or business is in a BLUE area and you do not have access to high speed broadband, the following steps should be undertaken:

1.       Check if your premises is located in an amber or blue area by either

  • Entering your Eircode or
  • Entering your address in the search box or
  • Zooming in on the map.

2.       If your premise is in a BLUE area

If your speed checks are consistently below 30Mbps), you need to:

  • Check with ALL operators in your area to see if you can get high speed broadband.

If you cannot get a high speed broadband service, you need to:

  • Contact the Department –
  • Include your eircode, a copy of your line speed check results and confirmation of the operators you have contacted.

3.       Subject to your permission, the Department will then:

i.            Raise the query with participating operators whose commercial plans are on the high speed broadband map.

ii.            If commercial plans are yet to materialise, provide you with an approximate timeframe for the availability of high speed broadband to your premises.

Where commercial plans have been rolled out and it is established High Speed Broadband is not available to your premise, nor will it be available from any other operator on a commercial basis, your premise will be included in the AMBER area (Intervention Area).

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Sheila Flynn
7 years ago

We’re in an amber area. Is there a time frame for when we can expect to receive high speed broadband?

7 years ago
Reply to  Sheila Flynn

Your question is better placed to the Department at

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