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My Gift to You

My gift to you is an opportunity for people over the age of 65 to sign up for a four month class where they can learn to put their personal history together. The class is free, it will be held on 1 evening per week and given by historian Dr. Maxine Keoghan. Other supports will be available with the help of a genealogist and a graphic designer. Participants will be assisted with research, writing and designing their book.. Class participants will be supported and instructed as to where to search for information and how to put their work together. The written piece will be edited and advice will be given as how to best present their work. The project was funded by The Ireland Funds.

Working within Covid restrictions has made the running of community projects a challenge but not impossible – ideally the course was planned for the long winter months but this is a relaxed project and people can start to put their thoughts and ideas together now and also they can start putting pen to paper or fingers to type. Participants must be able to use a computer and be able to type but it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow they type.     This class will be a mix of zoom and in person meeeings (when covid restrictions allow).

To Register for My Gift to You contact Tracy McEneaney or phone 051 849844

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