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Stop wasting money on excess paint with these 10 simple tips

Every year we in the South East waste hundreds of Euros buying excess paint.

So often we buy the wrong type, colour or amount because we all think that “bigger is better value” and we will definitely use that paint again.

Seriously, how many times have you gone to the shed or garage and stumbled over stacks of half-empty paint cans that seem to magically multiply every year?

Or do you stand in your local paint shop, scratching your head when asked: “So, how much paint do you need?”

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you need to know about Paint Smarter.

Paint is a frequent but preventable type of waste brought to recycling centres across the South East.  Over purchasing seems to be a likely culprit as well as the lack of knowledge about storing leftover paint correctly.

And don’t forget – painting your room will work out even cheaper if you don’t waste paint!

This has prompted the “Paint Smarter” campaign, a collaboration between Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow Local Authorities to devise 10 top tips on how to avoid wasting your money on paint.

Deciding to give a room a lick of paint is a daunting task for most of us and something that we put off as long as we can.

The Paint Smarter tips can have you shaping up for home improvements that would even amaze Dermot Bannon!

Calculating the amount of paint needed is easy if you use an online paint calculator, but if maths isn’t your strong point, just bring your room measurements (length by breath) to your local paint shop and they’ll gladly assist you with your purchase.

It’s always important to minimise the amount of time that your paint is left exposed to the air, so as you paint, only pour only what you need into your tray and put the lid back on the tin straight away. Make sure you wipe the excess, the bits that dribble down the side of the tin, to avoid compromising the rest of the paint.

The Painting Smarter campaign will not only teach you how to avoid wasting money but will also provide you with lots of tools and tips to make the most of what you buy.

Keep an eye on the social media pages of your local authority for great advice from Marianne the “Revamp Tramp” ” a renowned furniture up-cycler from Waterford who has joined forces with the campaign. She has plenty of top tips for anyone using paint in furniture upcycling projects to help us all to stop being a waster and learn to paint smarter.

Beat is also on board and will be reminding you all to think before you paint as well as having THREE €100 One4All vouchers up for grabs! So before you take on a Christmas project check out the Paint Smarter tips at See for additional information.

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