Expired Public Consultations 2018

From time to time, Waterford City & County Council asks for the public's input and opinion on proposed developments in Waterford. Different projects and plans may have periods of public consultation, during which members of the public can make observations on proposed developments or can contribute ideas to proposed projects.

Projects regarding which the public's consultation was requested in 2018, but whose consultation period has expired, are listed below:

  • Proposed Part 8 Development: Rock Face Stabilisation & Railway Protection Works, Plunkett Station
  • Proposed Part 8 Development: SDZ Access & Public Road Infrastructure
  • Proposed Traffic Calming Measures - Lower Branch Road, Tramore (L4162)
  • Residential Development of 2x two-bed houses, at Doyle's Street, Waterford
  • Residential Development at Ardmore Park / Priory Lawn, Ballybeg
  • Part 8 Development of a Traffic Calming Scheme, Lemybrien, Co. Waterford
  • Proposed Residential Development at Slievekeale, Waterford
  • Part 8 Development Proposal, Summerland Square
  • Part 8 Development Proposal, An Garrán, Tramore
  • River Suir Sustainable Transport Bridge
  • LPT Adjustment Factor 2018
  • Part 8 Development Proposal, Realignment of Cushcam Junction, Co. Waterford.
  • Variation No.4 to Development Plan (Camping Policy)
  • Dungarvan Road Flood Protection
  • Transboundary Environmental Public Consultation - Hinkley Point, UK
  • Demolition of the R&H Hall Building, North Quays
  • Proposed Extension to the Temporary Garden Building & Ancillary Works, at Tramore House Gardens, Tramore
  • Proposed Tramore Town Centre Public Realm Works, Tramore, Co. Waterford.