Expired Public Consultations 2020

Part 8 development on lands at Mount Esker, Ballytruckle Road / Inner Ring Road, Waterford City


In accordance with Part XI of the Planning & Development Act 2000, as amended, and Part 8, Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, as amended, notice was hereby given by Waterford City & County Council of a proposed residential development on lands at Mount Esker, Ballytruckle Road / Inner Ring Road, Waterford City.

The proposed development will consist of;
(a) 14 no. residential units comprising; (i) 4 no. 1-bed apartments, (ii) 3 no. 2-bed apartments, (iii) 5 no. 2-bed 2-storey duplex units, (iv) 1 no. 2-bed wheelchair accessible apartment, and (v) 1 no. 3-bed 2-storey apartment.
(b) Supporting development works including; (i) temporary construction signage, (ii) demolition of existing building on site, (iii) boundary treatment, (iv) 1 no. disabled car parking space, (v) 12 no. car parking spaces, (vi) landscaping, and (vii) all associated site works.

Plans and particulars of the proposed development were available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, from 25th February 2020 up to and including 25th March 2020, and during office-hours, at;

Customer Care Offices, Waterford City & County Council, Baileys New Street, Waterford.

A copy of the plans and particulars of the proposed development may also have been viewed on Waterford City & County Council’s website at www.waterfordcouncil.ie

Written submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development is situated, must have been made in writing, to arrive no later than: 4.00 p.m. on 9th April 2020, to;

Director of Services, Housing Department, Waterford City & County Council, City Hall, The Mall, Waterford, or by emailing: part8housingsubs@waterfordcouncil.ie

It should be noted that the Freedom of Information Act applies to all records held by Waterford City & County Council.


  • Newspaper Notice
  • 19088 P2-102 Drainage Layout
  • 19088 P2-103 Watermain Layout
  • 2019026-0100-Site Location Map
  • 2019026-0101-Topographical Survey
  • 2019026-0102- Site Layout Plan
  • 2019026-0110-Contiguous Elevation - Site Section
  • 2019026-0200-Ground Floor Plan
  • 2019026-0201-First Floor Plan
  • 2019026-0202-Second Floor Plan
  • 2019026-0203-Third Floor Plan
  • 2019026-0204-Roof Plan
  • 2019026-0300-Section A-A
  • 2019026-0301-Section B-B
  • 2019026-0400-North & East Elevations
  • 2019026-0401-South & West Elevations
  • 2019026-1-Shadow Study Existing Summer Solstice
  • 2019026-2-Shadow Study Proposed Summer Solstice
  • 2019026-3-Shadow Study Existing Autumnal Solstice
  • 2019026-4-Shadow Study Proposed Autumnal Solstice
  • 2019026-5-Shadow Study Existing Spring Solstice
  • 2019026-6-Shadow Study Proposed Spring Solstice
  • 2019026-7-Shadow Study Existing Winter Solstice
  • 2019026-8-Shadow Study Proposed Winter Solstice

  • This period of public consultation has now closed. To enquire about a project, please call 0761 10 20 20 or email us