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Safety Tips for Hallowe’en

halloween-safety-tipsHalloween is just around the corner, a time for trick or treating and scary costumes. Many people aren’t aware that it is illegal to burn waste of any kind. Many materials burned contain chemicals which produce toxic fumes when burned. These toxins can last for a long time in our environment.

Waterford City and County Council’s Environment Enforcement Team have been following up on reports of waste being stored in gardens, derelict houses and on public spaces in order to avoid waste accumulating in the weeks coming up to Halloween. Waterford City and County Council will be removing any waste for bonfires that is accumulating on green areas or other public spaces. This will continue into Halloween night. If you are concerned about waste being stored in a nearby area, please report it to our Enforcement Team at 0761 10 2020. This is especially important in this week leading up to Halloween, as the waste that is accumulating in your area could be used to build a bonfire.

Please follow the following tips for a safe Halloween:

  • DO report the storage or collection of bonfire materials by phoning Waterford City Council at 0761 10 2020
  • DO act responsibly and dispose of your waste legally
  • DO avail of Waterford City Council’s Bulky Goods Collection by ringing 0761102020
  • DON’T leave out materials for use in bonfires
  • DON’T leave your wheelie bin out overnight
  • DON’T allow a bonfire in your local space – ring 0761 10 2020 to report any build up of materials
  • DON’T encourage bonfires in any way
  • DON’T allow your children to organise or be involved in bonfire

Please remember that bonfires are dangerous, they cause injury to children each year and cause damage to your environment.  Think before you light a bonfire; remember – do not burn tyres, waste or any other dangerous materials.

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