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This department aims to help communities in Waterford City and County become vibrant and safe with an excellent quality of life and a sustainable, healthier future.

The Community & Sport Department focuses on helping communities in Waterford City and County thrive and improve their quality of life. They work towards creating vibrant and safe communities with a sustainable and healthier future. The department achieves its goals through the implementation of a Community Plan, which is part of a larger 6-year Local Economic and Community Plan for Waterford.

The department collaborates with various bodies such as the Waterford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), the Community Strategic Policy Committee (SPC), and the Waterford Public Participation Network (PPN) to ensure effective planning, development, and participation in community initiatives.


The functions of the Community and Sport department include:

  • The development and support of communities – both communities of place and communities of interest – to become more self reliant
  • Assisting communities to work together
  • Promoting co-operative behaviour particularly in relation to the provision of community, social, recreational and leisure activities
  • Support for those who are socially excluded
  • Support for various ageing well, youth, community safety and family support initiatives in the community
  • Implementation of estate management initiatives
  • Administration of schemes of grants etc. for projects undertaken by voluntary groups
  • Efforts to increase participation in sport and physical activity by supporting the development of sports facilities and promoting active communities
  • Support of the Local Community Development Committee
  • Council oversight and administration relating to the Rural Development Programme
  • Council oversight and administration relating to the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme
  • Support for the Public Participation Network
  • Development of an Age-Friendly City and County

The Community & Sport Department also carries out several functions including supporting and empowering communities, promoting cooperation among community members, providing assistance to socially excluded individuals, and supporting initiatives related to aging well, youth, community safety, and family support.

We administer grants for voluntary group projects, promote sports participation and physical activity, oversee rural development and social inclusion programs, work towards creating an age-friendly city and county, support the PPN and collaborate with partner organizations. like the Waterford Sports Partnership, Waterford Childcare Committee, and Waterford Comhairle na nÓg.